Monday, February 20, 2012

February 20, 2012 - Monday

Happy Holiday!!  Do you have to work today?  I sure hope not... and you can enjoy an extra day at home with your family.  Today... I have some additional bazaar photos... I just can't help myself.  I feel it's my duty to share these hysterical 'things' (for lack of a better word) with all of you.  The first one made me laugh out loud....  here we go...

This must be the butt of Mother Nature... can you hear her asking the woodland creatures... "hey everyone... does my butt look to big?"  hahahahahahaha!  I LOVE this photo... it's just so funny.

Now I ask you... who in the heck would have guts enough to design something like this?  You just simply wonder where peoples brains are ... don't you?  I wonder if it reclines???  tee hee

These sweet things... I know all of you want a pair!  Maybe they belong to the wife of the owner of Charmin?  Diamonds with pearl studded toilet paper rolls!  Oh My!!  I sure would like to know the history behind these sweet things.

Look at this sweet pooch... isn't he so funny!  What a fun day at the beach he's having.  I sure would hate to clean all the sand off him!  Now.. me.. I've never been a beach person.  I could never understand how people enjoyed .. frying in the sun,  salty and sticky from the salt water, and sweaty.... I don't like to do the sweaty thing.... then we have the sand - that is in everything... hair, blows in your mouth (I hate crunching on sand) in your bathing suit (you know where)... NO... it's just not for me!  My kids LOVED (and still do) the beach... I think that's great!  I, however, stay off the beach to give more room to those that enjoy it.

Ahhh.... do you think he's related to Kermit?  Isn't he so silly?  I can remember as kids..we used to go play in the road across the road from our farmhouse... it had a GREAT pond... FULL of frogs.  We always tried to catch them - but it never happened. Those were such fun days playing in the woods and at the pond... I'll never forget them!  Just being a kid!

This... I do believe... must be a new species of tree!!  It's called the Zipper Tree!!  No... I'm just teasing... it's some one's idea of cool art!  I wonder if that zipper actually works?  It doesn't appear too but you never know!

This isn't funny or weird... I just thought it was a cute, cute bathroom!  I wouldn't recommend you do this in a bathroom in your house if you plan on reselling... however, I love it!  It's so bright and 'girlie' !!!!

This beautiful photo is an actual place in Ireland.  It's called the Round Road.  Now that is an understatement... oh so pretty!!  Can't you just see the butterflies fluttering and hear the birds chirping?  and it's SO GREEN!!!   If I ever get to Ireland...this would surely be a place that would be lovely to see.


Today - being a holiday - I would love to do nothing.  However, I think that will not be the case.  I have a million and one things on my "TO DO" list and I must work on it today or I'm going to be so far behind... I won't know which way I'm going.  It's laundry, straightening and working on my OH MY GOSH blocks for the collaborative quilt.  I want to get them finished!!!  They are haunting me!

What's your day going to be?  Relaxing?  Busy?  Whatever it is... enjoy it to the fullest!

My phone issue is still an issue... learning how to work all of the wonderful features.  Hey...did you know a chic can talk to you on this phone.  Why is it always a chic?  I want a deep voice, sexy man talking to me.  I'm sending an email to Apple and asking them to make a software upgrade for the next new phone release.  We want MALE/FEMALE options.  PLUS... (I just can't believe this)... the MAP portion of the phone.. you know the navigator?  It doesn't TALK to you!!!  What's with that... all the money this phone costs... the chic can talk to us and tell us when we have email, messages, etc. but they don't have the navigator talk to us?  My Verizon Droid talked to me when using the Navigator system.  That's just not right!!!  I think I'll suggest they change that too!

Ok... I'm over it now!

NO organization today.... IT'S A HOLIDAY!!

Chat tomorrow...


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