Sunday, February 19, 2012

February 19, Sunday

Wow... I feel like I got an extra day in the week... I swear it feels like it should be Monday already.

Well... we had our adventure in purchasing our new Apple iPhones !  OMG... Best Buy was crazy yesterday... of course... the day that we decide to get our phones.  We did have an appointment... but get this... we were there at 1:30 pm - guess what time we walked out the door?  Just guess.....

6:15 pm !!!!!!!!!!!!    WOW ... were we very exhausted and excited at the same time.

When we all got in the car... my hubby said... ok guys... THAT TOOK ENTIRELY TOOOOO LONG!  Yes it did!  However, the young man helping us was fabulous and knew his product AND knew what he was doing.  We just had tons of things for him to do... pick our plan... move from 3 carriers to Sprint, fill out all the computer applications, download... whew! 

We were starving and pooped!  We all decided it was just about as tiring as buying a NEW car and we had NOTHING new to drive away in.

So... we all have our new phones and the only one that knows how to use it (for the most part) is Vicky.  I just printed the manual.  You can go to the website and print it for studying.  Even though it's on your phone... you can't read... do what they say on your phone... and still have your manual available.

Ok... now I'm not complaining or anything...but the manual is 32 CHAPTERS AND 163 pages - PRINTED... on paper!  Can you say WOW!  Of course there are chapters that I have absolutely NO interest in at this moment... like the COMPASS, STOCKS... etc.  

My hubby is a "print" man... when I told him I printed off this huge 'bad boy' he was happy.  We are each going to work on a chapter and show each other what to do...kill two birds with one stone. 

Isn't it so silly that we have to go to all of this trouble for a phone.  However... it's just not a phone.. it is my 'organized life' ... and now with "Siri" (it's a woman that talks to you in the phone) we'll never get lonely. hahahahahahahah!  It's pretty amazing what this phone does... actually... it's pretty scary!

Ok.. .enough on my phone.... I have things to show you!!  I'll report on my phone progress as it evolves!


I know I showed you a sweet sheep picture the other day... but I just found this one and I couldn't resist.  It just shows how much everyone loves to be loved... and it doesn't matter who's doing the loving.   Isn't she so sweet.... what a look of contentment on her face... aaaahhh..  Don't you love how her little nose is shaped like a heart?  Just too precious.....


These are pieces of jewelry from a gals grandmother... she decided to make them into pieces of art to hang in her bedroom...  Aren't they something else!  I just loved this idea and what a great way to be with your grandmother everyday instead of having them stuffed in a drawer.  Especially when you remember seeing her wear the jewelry...that's even more special.

I've always loved antique tart pans.  I have NO IDEA why... I just do!  Then.. they decided to make them into adorable note holders... you could use them for anything... hold a recipe card, photos, use them on a buffet telling what each dish is, name cards at a dinner table... the ideas are endless. 

They took heavier gauge wire - twisted a piece like the photo shows... then drilled two holes in the bottom of the tart pan.  Inserted the two ends of the wire - twisted them together and cut off any excess wire.  Then placed a glob of clear drying glue over the twist to hold the wire solid and straight... so it wouldn't tip or wiggle when you place your tag in it.  LOVE IT!!!


Now... I don't travel with little ones anymore... but I thought this was something I just had to share with all of you.  Clothespin tags were made for each child... they are attached to the visor.  During the trip... if each child's pin was still on the visor when they stopped for lunch, special place, etc., they each would get a small treat.  If, however, they acted up in the car, didn't share, talked back, etc. (parents set the guidelines) their pin would come down and they didn't get a special treat.  Once they were back in the car... they got to start over.  Isn't that a cute idea?  You could use your imagination and use this style of reward anywhere...even at home. If you only had one child... give them 3-5 pins... if they act up during the day...the pin goes away... at the end of the day... they could get a reward if 1 or whatever number of pins were still "there"... maybe with magnets on the backs of them... on the refrigerator.   Let your mind go wild!!!


I just found this adorable table runner from Kansas Troubles BLOG!!  Isn't it cute...?  I love the spools of thread.  Here's her Blog...Kansas Troubles Blog     Hey... did I tell you Jack and I are going with Lynn (Kansas Troubles) and Pam (Heartspun Quilts) and their hubbies on a cruise to Alaska??  Yep... in August... and we can't wait.  My hubby has never been on a cruise before,  he's never met Pam and Lynn (or their hubbies) and neither one of us has been to Alaska!  It's a quilting cruise... the days I'm in the classroom... he'll be out playing with the boys.  It will be our first HUGE vacation since we went to Hawaii so many years ago... I can't even remember the year we went!!


Okay... I'm now off to the paper hole punch process... for my phone manual... I must get busy!  Then I still have sewing to do... of course... don't we all.... it never ends!

Organize yourself today:  Let's just do something easy... (can you tell I'm just about over this organizing stuff... ick!!)  Let's go through the drawer in the kitchen that holds our hot pads.  Do you have some like mine - that are just down right embarrassing to look at?  I ask you... How do they get so darn ugly looking?  It just amazes me... they look like someone has dragged the snot out of them... beaten them up and cooked them to death!  Ok.. here's what we are all going to do. 

THROW THOSE NASTY LOOKING ONES AWAY!!  They do NOT cost that much at the discount store.. or better yet... MAKE SOME... It's so much more fun to cook when you have "pretty" hotpads. 

Have a great Sunday... see you tomorrow!


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