Friday, February 17, 2012

February 17, - Friday

Good morning!!!  Well... today is going to be a bit of fun!!  My honey and I are going OUT to breakfast and then running some errands.  I have to purchase all of the ingredients for my two yummy treats for the B-a-a-a-d Girls Club for this coming Saturday.  My candy treat can be made I'll be getting that ready...then I have to prepare my canning jars for our STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE.   Wow... I just got a HUGE hunger pang in my stomach thinking about it.

Then... after errands and the grocery... it's back home to finish up my make-it-take-it pattern and get the kits cut... then... hopefully I can SEW AGAIN.  I did sew with my Thursday group yesterday...working on teeny, tiny 4 patch blocks - adding 1/2 square corners to each side (man these little fellows are tiny).

Did you watch American Idol last night?  Gosh... this show is so much better than it used to be... the production is like night and day!  No more of all that silly drama like they used to have.  I am just amazed at the raw, wonderful talent people have for singing... I sure wish I could. (not a pretty sound at all...)  Next week they pick the final contestants... I have some favorites so I sure hope they make it through all the cuts.  So many sad boys and girls that had to go home... but we can't all be picked...that's for sure.

Hey... in case you didn't know this... I have a fascination for Mohair animals.  My daughter, Heather, makes adorable ones...  Here's the link to her website!!  Mohair Bears and Friends

Then.. .I found some cute photos from some other artists I wanted to share with you....

Doesn't this squirrel look real???  When I first saw this posting...
 I thought they were pulling my leg!!

Now... this little fellow is adorable.... !!!  Wouldn't it be fun to have a teeny, tiny, kitten this small?  Of course.. knowing me... I'd squish the poor little thing.

And what about this baby "oinker".  He's so cute... look at the beady little eye!!!  Oink..oink!!


Then I found some ah-ha moments that were posted!!!

Now...this my friends is just down right genius!! many times could I have used this trick!  When we were at Camp Blanding in the SIMS building...I wanted to fill up a mop bucket...but I had no way to do it.  Hello.... I could have done this!!!


I remember these days... I would just get Toby or Heather to sleep in their cribs...trying to sneak out... and they would hear the little noise of the door handle and wake up!!!  What's with that...  but if you wanted them to hear something...nnnnnnnoooooooooooo... they ignore you!  Just tie a simple bow around the latch... stuffing it with a bit of cotton!  Bingo... you're set!  Plus.. you can get pretty and pick either a pink or blue bow!!  Share this with the parents of your grandchildren...they'll love you for it.

Now this is a super-dooper idea.  Take a NORMAL water bottle - the smaller plastic ones... cut off the top portion -- see it in the first photo.  then feed the bag through the top of the bottle, fold down the bag and seal with the plastic lid from the bottle.  Hello... can you say... SO COOL!!  I just love this idea.  How many things do we keep stored in their bags?

Chocolate chips
M & M's
the list goes on ... and on.... !!!  You now have a new way to seal them... saves on buying all those zip lock bags.. especially if you already have soda or water bottles.  Whack off the tops... use them for your pantry... and through the bottom portion in the recycle bin!


Hey... I almost forgot our sweet - "feel good" picture for you!!

What could be sweeter than this precious little lamb?  Have you ever held a little lamb?  It's the best feeling in the world... they are so sweet and soft and have the cutest little sound when they try to 'bbbbbaaaaaaaa'... I just love them.  Don't you just want to give her a little kiss on that cute little black spot on her forehead?  I sure do!!


Hey... I don't know about you... but I don't feel like organizing a 'stinking' thing today!!  You know...there are some days when enough is enough!!

Take a break!!!

See you tomorrow!!


I'm hungry... let's go to breakfast!!!

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