Thursday, February 16, 2012

February 16, 2012 - Thursday

Happy Thursday!!  I've been up with the chickens again... don't you hate it when you wake up ((EARLY)) and think of something really important and try to tell yourself to NOT forget what it was when you wake up.  That was the case... AGAIN... this morning.  Then.... I smelled the coffee!!  Ok... just forget going back to sleep... I got up with my honey and had coffee.

He's off already this morning to meet with his men friends in their weekly bible study group.  Wow.. they sure do it early...he leaves here at 5:30 am and returns at 7:30 am.  He loves it though and it's fun for him.

Today... I've just found some hodgepodge things I like and wanted to share them with you.

How about our "giggle" first!!!!  I just found this adorable picture...

Isn't this silly???  What are the odds of capturing a picture like this?  Pretty cool!

Then... I had a brain storm... I'm always looking for cute things to use for my new group at Cinnamon's "B-a-a-a-d Girls Club" that begins the end of this month (we'll be working on only wool projects).  We are going to have a "make-it-take-it" project each month...something quick and fun.... well... I saw this pin !!!

I'm going to play around with the idea and see what I can do... using wool.  The leaves are a piece of cake to make from wool.... I'm not so sure the flower Yo-Yo will be that easy.  If NOT... we'll use some fabric and then highlight it with a cool antique button in the middle...  I think it's adorable and will be something they can all make from other fabrics if they choose too.


Look at this cute framed piece of art!!!

I just love vintage patterns.  Do you remember when they were like $1.25?  I DO!!!  Have you checked the price of patterns today?  Holy Cow.... it's almost as much as a yard of fabric.  I was shocked when I saw how much they cost.  Whew!! 

Well.. back to the picture... isn't this a cute idea for a child's room?  The frames could be painted to coordinate with the colors of the room...  I'm even thinking about finding some for women's clothing and putting them in my sewing studio.  I think it would look super with my vintage quilts, chalkboards... etc.  You can find them at antique stores all the time.  Happy hunting!! 

Oh... I forgot.. take the pattern out of the envelope before framing... then use the patterns as "wrapping paper" when you need to wrap a 'sewing' gift for one of your friends.  Add a pretty little ribbon... or tie a vintage cloth tape measure (you can 'sometimes' find them in antique stores too) around the package.   They will love it!!

Speaking of fun things to give your friends (and family)... take a look at these adorable emery board cases for your purse or sewing basket...

I saw these advertised on an Etsy site...but couldn't find how to order them!!!  But if you look at the photo closely... they should be pretty darn easy to make.

They have raw edges...and I would think you might want to put a pretty firm stabilizer in there to keep it from being too floppy!

You're all clever... I know you will figure it out.  I especially like how she used the stripped fabric for the pattern design.  It just seems to be perfect!  Make me one...will you????  """Thanks"""


Don't you hate it when you have a favorite sweater and the sleeves keep getting larger and larger and longer and longer the more you wear it?  I do!  Makes me so mad... I roll up the sleeves and before you know it...they are BIG and LONG again.  It must have something to do with the yarn and weaving of it.  Here is your answer... look how they have rolled up the sleeves - even the seam allowance is showing (but it looks cute) then added buttons to keep it tight around the arm!  SO COOL!!  I thought you would love to see this very unique idea. 


Now... you have to search and look through the different categories of free tutorials... but there are TONS of them and some of the ideas are pretty darn wonderful... and the best part...

They are FREE!!!!


Today I'm going to sew with my friends... yippee!!!  Yesterday my class on Double Wedding Ring was wonderful.  We're using the Marti Michell templates... and you simply cannot go wrong...just match all the dots and you're good to go!  Thanks Faye!! (she was our instructor)

Today I'm working on my teeny, tiny, blocks for my OH MY GOSH quilt that 6 of us gals are making to put into the quilt show.  It's so much fun to make... and goes so much faster when you have friends making blocks too!  We're going to hang it in Cinnamon's for some time and then we'll draw a name for the winner!  ((gosh... I sure hope it's me... tee hee...)


Let's Get Organized!!

How have you been doing with this?  hhhmmmm.... I see some guilty faces out there (I really can't see you...just imagining...)

Just in case you are keeping all of these hints for a later date (yea...right!)... here's your tip for the day:

Update your Car First Aid Kit!! 
Do you have one?  You should... you never know when it may come in handy... for a family member or in the event of an emergency on the road!  You can buy them already made... go get one and store it under the seat!

Chow...gotta get ready for my sewing day...


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