Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February 15, 2012

Where is everyone???  I just checked the stats on my blog and I'm getting depressed.  Only on the average of a dozen people are even opening my blog daily....WWWWAAAAHHHHH!!!

Maybe I should only do it once a week.... It's a lot of work and takes up quite a bit of time each day.... sniffle...sniffle.  I'm having a pity party here... all by myself!

So... with that in mind - I decided it's time to just show some funny pictures... or as I classify them...

OH NO !!!

Hang on to your seats... some of these are pretty unbelievable! 

Here we go!!

At least you get more in a box for your money!!!

Now...this is just plain creepy!!!

I have several friends that are EXPERT you think they would like this pattern?

Now... this is really getting involved in a book!!!

Is this not the sweetest thing you've ever seen?


I would say this cat has had a little toooooo many kitty snacks!
This MUST be a photography trick!!

This... my friends... is NOT a pretty site!  I wonder how many pricks of the needle she has had??
It looks like a ZILLION!!!  Just say NOOOOOO!!!!

Quick.... I'm going to get sick!!!  (((nasty.... barf!)

Now... this is something I've always wanted!!!

WHY?????  Just because you can... doesn't mean you should!!

Funny....funny ladies!!!

Gosh... how many of you have had this happen in your home?

How would you like this fellow to give you a kiss???  ICKY!!

HHHmmmm.... it appears we have a leaky diaper?????

And this my friends... needs no comment !!!! However....
((do you wonder where some people's brains are located?))

Enough said... I'm going to Cinnamon's this morning for my class in "Double Wedding Ring".  It's one of those quilts that's on my "to do bucket list" so I'd better get hoppin' on making it! have a treat.. no organizing for you!!!

Have a happy day!


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