Tuesday, February 14, 2012

February 14, 2012


So.. are you doing anything special for Valentine's Day?  I have no clue what we are doing... probably not much.  I have to drive up to Georgia and pick up my sewing machine.. Lisa and I are going together... it was time for a well baby check-up. Her machine needed new feed dogs...she's used it so much making her rope bowls and beautiful totes they were just pooped out.

Look at our "GREAT" picture today!!

I just love raccoons... I know they can be real pests... but I think it's because Vicky and I both had a baby one when we were little and lived on the farm.  The mother had been killed on the road and my cousin found the 2 babies and caught them.  He brought them to us knowing we would take good care of them.  Now... the funny thing is... My dad was a coon hunter!!!  Yep...had the dogs and the whole thing.  They would sell their pelts... ((sniffle))... but it did come in handy with keeping us all fed and clothed!  He worked in a factory and I really don't think the wages were that great.

HOWEVER... the two little fellows we had were adorable...we fed them with a bottle and nursed them into their "teen-age" life (for the lack of a better term).  Then we released them.... 

This little fellow is having troubles hanging on.....  hahahahahaha!


Hey... I know it's not fall... but I just saw this great planter idea and had to share it with all of you.  Isn't this pretty?  I think I read somewhere that if you take oil (like cooking oil) and put it on the inside and outside of pumpkins they last longer... won't rot as fast. 

I have just purchased the ingredients to make this new recipe!!  I think it looks yummy!!  Creamy white chicken and artichoke casserole.  mmmmmmmmmmmmm  We'll see how yummy it is... I'll report back.  Here is the recipe:   Chicken and Artichoke casserole

Ok...another one of my loves are COOL LAMPS!  I remember when we would do our shopping at the Atlanta market... I LOVED to look at the wonderful lamps.  They were so expensive and we did our best at trying to find pretty and unusual lamps that were affordable.  I love to find things to make lamps out of ... and then Jack makes them for me.  I currently have one made from a tall OLD flour tin ... plus an adorable small one made from a child's green lunch box... you know the kind that our dad's used to carry to work.  Only mine is smaller.


What do you think of this adorable hooked snowman?  Isn't he something else... I sure do LOVE him!  He would look so cute in my foyer.... open the front door and there he will be.. .welcoming you to our home!!!  Of course...if you step on him... "I'll have to smack you!"   .... NOT... no not really... wool rugs are MADE to be WALKED on... they will out live me... so I'm not worried about it.

I also love to use old antique boxes for planters... is this not the sweetest thing?  They have such texture and warm appeal.  Look at this one....

This one says it all... doesn't it?  It was used as a centerpiece at a wedding.  How easy it would be to purchase some templates and make one of these... so precious.  The nice thing about the wooden boxes... they can transition well from inside to outside.  This looks gorgeous with pastel flowers and baby's breath... but how wonderful in the fall full of mums and pumpkins... sitting on your front porch!


Well...I'm on my own for breakfast this morning...Jack drove to Valdosta to visit a friend .... the never of him to not fix me breakfast first... NOT..(just teasin').  I'm leaving you and fixing me some scrambled eggs...doesn't that sound good... with a little sausage...mmmmm...

Hey...here's your tip for the day!!!

Dig under the sink or in your cleaning closet and get rid of cleaners you don't use... old sponges... Clean it up... I put everything in plastic tubs... or carriers... so when it's time for me to clean, I grab the carrier tote and it goes with me throughout the house.  It has window cleaner, paper towels, dust cloth/spray, sink cleaner... you know...all that 'stuff' we have to use to keep our home lookin' and smellin' GOOD!  Plus... take a big laundry basket with you.  Put those things that are in the "WRONG ROOM" inside your basket...then when you travel from room to room... put them in their correct spots!  Makes for faster cleaning and a lot less steps... then you'll have more time to sew!!!


Later taters!!!!   Gloria

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