Saturday, February 11, 2012

February 11 - Saturday's out to the garage I go today!  Man...this is such torture!  We've emptied our storage unit and it's time to go through the boxes... and SORT!  Yes... sort.. some goes to Goodwill, some goes to my auction house (I take things to an antique auction...they sell better and I don't have to mess around with having a yard sale... I HATE hosting yard sales...don't you?), some we keep.

Now... here is the issue... I have high school yearbooks... how long do I want to keep these things?  I have NO contact with any of the people I went to school with... I honestly don't know half of them (BIG school) ... the only picture of me in the yearbook is HORRIBLE... SO ... why in the heck do I keep them?  I wonder if I could use the pages in some nifty craft project... hhhmmm... I may have to google or "Pinterest" that.... you never know what I might find.  It would be my luck I would toss all of them and then find something unique and fabulous to do with them!!  I'll have to report back to you on that idea.

So... after the garage deal is finished... I plan on doing NOTHING!  (well....maybe sew... or work on my bracelets that I'm making...)  I'm parking my "hinnie" on the couch and watching the boob tube and just chillin' out!!  I have some wonderful wool blocks I can stitch on too.

So... today's subject is HEAD BOARDS... I've been thinking of how to re-do my guest bedroom... I'm just torn between so many ideas.  So...I went to my computer and look at the ideas I have found... so simple and so unique.  Now... some of these would .. no way .. fit my style...but I thought I would share them with you.  Never know... it just may be something that you fall in love with!!!

Take a look....

This is a metal fence gate!!  It looks as though fabric has been attached... But I honestly think it would be adorable just plain!  You could even spray paint it to coordinate with the colors in the room!  What about an adorable PINK????

Now... my friends... yes.... this is a chalkboard!!!  Wow... this is something else.  DO NOT put this in a child's room... can you see them playing all night on the chalk board?  You would find them in the morning with eraser in hand...sound asleep...covered in chalk dust!!  It is adorable though... I LOVE IT... of course - I am partial to chalk boards.  I have a collection of children's antique chalk boards (the kind they used in school) hanging in my sewing studio!

Now this is simply AWESOME!  Can you picture this at a cabin..or at a lake house... or a beach house?  It's simply adorable... The soft color of the walls with the accent pillows makes it both a manly and feminine room at the same time. Wish I had a lake house... this would surely be in one of my bedrooms!

This.... most of us can relate too... I think I may have shown this before (can't remember) but it's perfect to hang that favorite quilt on and now have it be your headboard.

This is so cute for twin beds.  I think the background of the headboard are bi-fold doors... then they hung a picture/painting on top of it... now how clever is that?

Ok...I'll admit... this is NOT the headboard for me.  I can just see all of these things falling down on me during the night...can't you?  Scary....very scary!!!

Of course... being the primitive/shabby chic girl that I am... I love this head board!!! What character and texture it has.  This piece of wood probably cost a fortune.  Architectural pieces are HOT items in the decorating market!!

Then... we have these wonderful shutters.  It reminds me of the shutters we had in the window at the Olde Green Cupboard.  (((sigh)))  I loved that window... and decorating it was SO MUCH FUN!!!  Especially in the fall and at Christmas! (remember our snow machine?... and Lumpy and Bumpy - the snowmen Heather made?  They were so cute... and still LIVE.  Our friend Marti has them in Kentucky!)

Then... for those of you that are romantics... or "newly weds"... this is pretty darn clever.  Look at that 'pop' of yellow!  And... grey is the NEW black these days... it's a very popular color!!

So... have I given you the desire to completely change your bedrooms? 

No... are you shaking your head NO???  Well, I do understand...changing out an entire bedroom is a bit much isn't it?  However... the center of attention in a room is the bed and just changing the headboard can be a piece of cake... as you've seen.

So... here is our sweet - little- feel good photo for the day....

I thought is was perfect for February... and so adorable.  I just want to kiss this kitty right on that sweet little heart.  Simply.... TOO CUTE!!!  Can you imagine picking out this kitten and seeing this heart under it's chin.  I'll bet it took a whole 1 second to say yes to this cutie-patootie!

Hey... while our minds are still in the bedroom... here's your organization tip for the day!

CLEAN OUT THAT UNDERWEAR DRAWER!!!  It's time... go through those panties and get rid of the ones that you've been wearing for 10 years!  It's time to treat yourself to some new ones! 

PLUS... if you get in the mood to continue on with the organizing... tackle the SOCK DRAWER - YOURS... (we'll deal with the spouses' sock drawer at a later date...).
How many of you have socks that you NEVER wear (I'm raising my hand right now...).  Here's the deal - I HATE WEARING SOCKS AND SHOES!!  I really do... I love to be barefooted.  With the exception of in the winter when socks are oh-so-wonderful!  Have I told you I've always wanted to knit socks?  You may be asking... WHY??? especially when you don't like socks?  It's just one of those things on my bucket list that I want to accomplish.

Ok... back to the socks. ... (I've gotten off track..).  Here's the deal... if they have been in your sock drawer FOREVER and you've NOT worn them... YOU ARE NOT GOING TOO!  Pick out those that you do NOT wear... carry them to the garage... and put them in the Goodwill box (make sure they have no holes in them).  You will make someone very happy that is shopping at Goodwill - that needs socks!  (let's don't do that with your unwanted underwear...they go in the trash please...)

Ok... now that our underwear and socks are in perfect condition... it's time to say goodbye!


Chat tomorrow...


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