Sunday, January 8, 2012

January 8, 2012

Ok... I'm in the "cleaning bug mode"!!  These days come few and far between lately!  I came across this great little idea  (of course... from Pinterest!) that I wanted to share with you!  Why.. oh... why... I can't think of these ideas - I have NO IDEA!!  However, I'm glad someone did.  How many of you have OLD, OLD, OLD Christmas wrapping paper - you know - those rolls that you've stored in the garage or attic? 

I'm not sure what got over me one year... but I went crazy on buying after Christmas SALE wrapping paper.  I think some of the rolls I still have must be 5 - 7 years old!'s the deal.. when you store them in the hot garage attic they get a little "crispy-brittle" and when you try to wrap with them.. well... just forget it!  Everything rips up!  So.. here's the answer to that situation... SHRED!!!!

Yes... simply take all of that old paper to your shredder and "go to town".  It's wonderful to keep in a plastic bag (in the house) and to use in gift wrapping, storing glassware, shipping cookies... you name it!  PLUS.. you are re-purposing!!  I was just so proud of myself for NOT throwing out the rolls of paper!


Take a peak at this clever little idea - I shared this with my hubby (who seems to boil over every pot he uses...)!  Is this not clever?  Wooden spoons... I must have a million of them.  MY DH (darling hubby) used to put them in my Christmas stocking EVERY YEAR.  Now... it's not that I'm not grateful.. I LOVE wooden spoons.  However - If I stacked them all up on top of each other... staggered and offset them a bit - I think I could build a "log cabin" wall doll house for my grandchildren.  Can you tell I have LOTS OF THEM?  So... try it.. you'll be shocked at how well it works!

Don't have any wooden spoons or forks... CALL ME... I'll share with you!  HA!!


Ok.. I have 2 feel good photos today... one is so sweet... and the other one will jerk your heart out!  It was too hard to decide... I just had to let you see both!

First... "so sweet" -

Is this not soooooooooooooooo precious????  Brought tears to my eyes!

And then this... it simply says it all.  Why our servicemen and women do what they do!  I can so relate to this photo - my son, Toby, was 6 weeks old before his Daddy got to see or hold him.  That was during the Vietnam War era....  I'll never forget that day.. when Jack looked at him for the first time - afraid to hold him - but wanting to so bad... 

Love your children - love our military - we are what we are today - FREE - because of the sacrifice they and their families go through.  I know this has been said a million times - maybe you are tired of hearing it... but TRUST ME ... until you live in these shoes - you have no idea of the many days and nights of  terror, loneliness, and heartache these men and women go through for us.



Do you all have a "Quilt To Make Bucket List"?  I DO!!!  And this is on it!  I've seen this bad boy in person and ... my - oh - my is it ever wonderful!

Blackbird Designs - It just doesn't get any better!  I'm going to have to live to be 427 to get all of my "to do quilts" finished!  Somebody HELP ME!!


Ok... here are some awesome trays that just arrived!  I bought them off the Internet and I'm going to decorate them with WOOL!!  I think it will be such a cool project...

They have a vintage - antique look in Americana Colors!  The creme paint is AWESOME.  So.. I've put them in the "TO DO' Que - it just seems to be growing - NOT SHRINKING!! 

What's a girl to do?


Let's Get Organized!  Here's your job for the day...

CLEAN OUT UNDER THE BED!  Oh My Gosh... I loved this one!  Know why? 

I have NOTHING under my bed!  Nope... not one thing - we just got a new bed - and we already did this!  I'm so ahead of the game on this day's organization chore!

Don't forget to vacuum up those dust bunnies!

Let's chat tomorrow!!


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