Saturday, January 7, 2012

January 7, 2012

Do you love magnets?  Let me tell you how I feel about them.  I love them... but for some reason I just can't handle them all over my refrigerator!  I don't know why... I can't explain it... I just don't.  I know that millions of people do.. it's just one of those things that look "unorderly" to me... too messy... I don't know... can't explain it.

I don't care at all that my sock drawer is a mess, my "undies" drawer is a mess... the "what not" drawer in the kitchen is a mess... but just NOT the front of my refrigerator!

However... that does NOT stop me from LOVING COOL MAGNETS!!  Look at these!!

An old cool is this?

My daughter Heather will love this one...she loves old locks and keys.

Now this is cool!  It looks like they have chopped up a wooden yard stick - rounded the corners with some sand paper, stained it... glued a magnet to the back and BOOM... you've got an awesome magnet.  What fun gifts to make for your sewing friends... Plus... add the one below and you'll be a great hit!

What about this bad boy!  OMG... all of us that love sewing... just use the cap from an antique spool of thread!  I MUST make some of these!!

So... you may be asking.. if I don't like magnets all over the front of my refrigerator... why in the heck do I even want any?  Good question.  You know.. it's just one of those things you MUST have in your life (as least mine)... cool magnets.  So I have them on the side of my refrigerator... all nicely displayed.  I know, I know... I'm a bit strange in this area...


How wonderful is this "happy" photo?

Now this my friends - is what I call a GOOD DOG!!  What a hoot... the owners must be so proud of her!  Good doggie!!


Here's a cute idea I found on Pinterest for organization and "art" in your bathroom.  Have you... or do you live in a house where you have NO storage in your bathroom?  Maybe you have a pedestal sink, no under sink cabinet - no linen closet in the bathroom.  NO WALL SPACE for any towel racks ... here's an anwer to your towel storage/display.  I think this is so pretty.  Just imagine it with towels in the shades that may match your shower curtain, rugs or wall paint.  Inexpensive baskets did the trick!


One thing thing that I've always loved to ask people - "What do you love to collect"?  I have MANY things that I collect... but I think it would be fun to share with everyone what those are!  My first love (don't laugh...snicker... or giggle...) is Raggedy Ann dolls (I do like Andy... but Ann is my absolute favorite.)  Look at these sweet "girlies" -

Who could not love me????

I have the sweetest smile in the whole wide world!

And...what about me?  I'm here to help you with your baking today!!!

Aren't I sweet and innocent looking?

So... call me strange... call me weird... BUT I LOVE MY "ANNIES"!!!

You will see many more collectables that I love!  What do you like?  Email me pictures and I'll post them on the blog!


Organization Tip for the Day:

Declutter your night stand drawer!  I now have 2 of the 4 drawers empty!!!  hhhmmm... wonder what I can put in there....

Let's chat tomorrow my friends...


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