Friday, January 6, 2012

January 6, 2012

Good Morning!!

How is your New Year going?  Mine is just super so far!!

I spent the evening with some of my quilting buddies last night...what a bunch of nuts these gals are!  It's such great fun to sew, eat, and laugh... and see the talents of everyone.  I go there with one project (or two... or three....) that I'm working on and before the night is over I HAVE MORE OF THEM IN THE WORKS!  What's up with that anyway? 

Well... one of the goodies we had for dinner came from Eleana and is it ever good! LOOK ....

Recipe!!!   click here for the recipe!  These bad boys were delicious... I mean DELICIOUS!  This is a great recipe for MEN... they will love them as much as all of us gals did!

Ready for your daily SMILE???  Here you go...

Is this too cute????  I burst out laughing when I saw this on the internet!! 

Ok... here is a question... How many of you hate the counter paper towel holders?  I DO... and I HAVE ONE!  The silly thing always seems to be in the way.. and I STILL (to this day) can't decide where in the heck I want it to live on the counter! 

By the stove? 

By the sink? 

By the coffee pot? (you know... where you always need a towel to wipe up the mess when you pour a cup of coffee - because for some reason, coffee pot manufacturers just can't figure out the correct shape of the pot spout so it doesn't dribble all down the pot and onto the counter when pouring your first cup in the morning.  What's up with that anyway?  Pour pour!  I give up!)

Then there is the under the cabinet paper towel holder... those just don't work for me either.  Well...then I saw this bad boy and "I'm in love"!  Is this not the coolest idea ever?  It's designed to go into one of those dead spaces that always appear in the kitchen drawer area.  I LOVE THIS!!!  Now if I can just talk my honey into helping me make it happen!  Pray for me!

Do you love kitties? I DO!!!  Take a peak at this sweet thing!

Aren't I adorable?  My daughter, Heather, made her!  I just want to pick her up and give her a squeeze.  If you haven't seen her handmade creations.... take a peak!  Oh... let me tell you a story about "Buster".                                  Heather's Mohair Friends

Heather's church friends had a real bunny - "Buster" that was a family pet.. EVERYONE loved Buster.  Well, he died and they were heart broken.  They had his little ashes at home... then Heather got the wonderful idea for them.  She asked for a picture of "Buster" - from which she made this likeness of him.  (the family said it looks JUST LIKE HIM...).  When they came to pick up Buster... they were all in tears at the first site of him.  She gave them buster with his tummy still not completely sewn shut.  Here they tucked his little ashes... Heather stitched him up... and now they have a loving memory of their wonderful pet!  Isn't that the coolest thing ever?  I tell you what.. that daughter of mine just blows my mind with her great ideas!! 

Here's another sweet SPRING idea I found... look at this bouquet of flowers!

Isn't this sweet, fresh and beautiful?  When I saw the picture on the computer I could feel myself SMILE!  I love daisies... and with carrots too???  How could that be a bad thing?

Today is a SEWING day... I'm so excited.  I'm working on a NEW design and it's all I can do to pull myself away from the sewing machine.  Don't you love working on quilts or sewing projects like that?  I'm still on the blocks...but they are almost finished... then I have some 36 square blocks to make for some of the alternating blocks.  ooohhh..... sssseeewwwww exciting!

I'll post some photos this week of my progress!

Here's your organization tip of the day!

Go through your freezer - throw out freezer burn food, OLD food, food that you know you will never cook!!! 

ahhhh.... feels to good to purge... LOVE IT!  It's kind of a cleansing feeling.....

Chat with you tomorrow!


p.s.  I've been sewing on my old Singer Featherweight... OMG I love that machine!!!  It purrs like a kitten!


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