Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January 4, 2012

Okay...we're 4 days into the blogging ... and I'm even more excited than when I dreamed up the idea.  Of know this isn't new...  thousands (probably hundreds of thousands) of people BLOG every day.  However, I'm going with the fact that I woke up from a dream with this fun revelation!  HA!

Today ... fun stuff!!  Hey... remember that sauce that you get with the "Bloomin' Onion" ?  I've been sent a recipe for it.  That's on my TO DO LIST this week - to make this bad boy and try it out.  Actually... I don't need a "Bloomin' Onion" to eat this sauce.  I could pour it into a cup and just drink the stuff!  That's how much I LOVE IT!!

I even went to my local grocery store to get some canning jars - THEY WERE ALL GONE!  Someone has beaten me to the punch!  Although.. I've been told they sell so many during the holiday season (using for luminaries, filling with cookie ingredients for gifts, etc.) that they ran out.  So... I'll give it a few weeks and try again.  After all...canning season will be here before we know it.  Do you can?

Speaking of canning... when we were kids we lived on a farm (in Indiana).  Our garden was as big as a football field (I'm sure this is an exaggeration...but it seemed this big).  Our mother CANNED EVERYTHING!  I just wish.. I had a $1.00 for every corn husk I stripped, pea pod I opened, bean I snapped... I could pay off the National Debt!  Our basement was FULL of canned goods... that we would eat all year long.  Fruit... let me tell you... she could do more canning (in different ways) with a bushel of apples than you could even imagine.  She even bought 1/2 beef (shared with their friends) and canned beef.  WOW.. did it make the best beef and noodles!  YUM!  Ah... the childhood days... ya gotta' love 'em!  Memories..... I'm all for making memories with my children and grandchildren too!  Such fun!

How about this sweet little fella?  Don't you just want to pick him up and snuggle?

I simply LOVE these little fellas.  One of my old friends (which I haven't seen in years!) Debbie... brought in her new puppy to the Olde Green Cupboard one day to meet all of us.  Oh My... I fell in love immediately.  That was the cutest little thing I had seen in a long time.  I remember him/her(?) scampering up and down the checkout darn cute!  I'm giving this little fella a name... how about "Tippy"?  Looks fitting the way he "tips" his little head so cute....  (((snuggle)))  Doesn't he make you smile and feel happy???

Now...this is a wonderful idea!  I know this looks mainly like scrapbook projects... but it works SUPER with quilt/sewing projects TOO!  I have on hand the one and TWO gallon size bags.  EVERYTHING (including the book or pattern) goes into the bag... templates, fabric, wool, special threads, embellishments.  Then I put a label on the bag - OR I place the front of the pattern on top - so I can see it - FIRST THING - when I look at the hanging bag.  Attach to pants/skirt hangars AND put them in priority order - LEFT TO RIGHT (or whatever works for you).

For those projects that have material, etc. that will be simply too much for a bag - I use plastic containers with lids.  Watch for them to go on sale!  BUY a bunch!!  Place the contents of your project in the container - label the front (removable sticky labels) and stack in the order you want to finish them (subject to change on the spur of the moment)

BINGO ... you will feel so much better knowing that you have things organized and even better when you finish a project.  The site of empty bins and plastic bags doesn't happen often with me!  Why?  I just find additional projects I want to do and fill those bad boys back up again!  aaahhh... will it ever end?  I HOPE NOT!!

OK... speaking of projects... it's time to move on and get the heck busy! 

Chow... chat tomorrow!


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