Saturday, January 28, 2012

January 28, 2012

Ok... I'm starving!!  The only bad thing about blogging...especially when I want to share some recipes that appear to be awesome... is.... IT MAKES ME SO HUNGRY!!  And... of course... I have to find those recipes that I cannot eat!!  HOWEVER, I decided to save them anyway... and once I loose all of this ugly FAT, I'm going to treat myself twice a month to a yummy recipe.  I'll have ONE portion (I hope ... only one!) and then Jack can have the rest... or I'll take some to my quilting group.  If I get them all fat and sassy... I'll look even skinnier!  HA... (just teasin' gals...)

So.. with that in mind... LOOK AT THESE POTATOES!!! (do you know how long it's been since I've had a yummy potato???  Since I went on this silly diet in September... ARG!!)  ((((sniffle))))  I love potatoes... especially fried, greasy ones!

They are nothing super special... just tossed with a little dill, garlic salt and olive oil and roasted on a cookie sheet in the oven.  But don't you just want to dive - FACE FIRST - into these bad boys!  mmm.... sour cream with them would be even better... maybe some butter... HELP ME!!!! HELP ME!!!!


Then... there's something else I have been craving... FRITOS!  Now... I didn't eat them often.. but when you get the hungrys for them... nothing will fill the void.  There again.... it's the "grease" thing!  PLUS.. I found this yummy dip to go with them!!  Oh my.....

Mexicorn Dip - 2 cans Mexicorn, 1 can hot Rotel, 2 cups shredded cheddar, 6 green onions (sliced), + 1 cup each mayo and sour cream.

I must admit... I'm not a "hot" Rotel kind of girl... nor have I ever had Mexicorn (have you?) but I just thought the combination of these ingredients just couldn't be bad.  You got the diary and the vegetables... yum... yum... give me some!  It could be that eating it with the spatula might BE THE WAY TO GO!!  Ha!!!  I can't wait to give this a try.  Then... to be on the healthy side... I could spread some of this mixture on to a celery stick. .... then again.... nope... just can't do it.. it has to be the Fritos!!


I've decided that I want to make adorable stuffed hearts... I've seen so many of them lately and they are calling my name.  I think once they are all finished... I shall put them in an antique wooden bowl I have... add a few sprigs of red berries and BOOM... a cute, cute display.  ((It's all about the presentation you know...)))

Look at these sweet heart ideas I have been collecting!

What do you think?????  Good idea???   I LOVE IT!!!  I'll add this idea to my TO DO list.  (((oh my gosh... you have no idea how long it is...)))  These are great hand projects to work on while I'm watching TV!  I just can't sit there and do nothing... can you?


Hey... look at this cool idea to do with the disposable shower caps!  I thought this was so darn clever.  Why oh why can't I think of things like this?

Not to shabby huh????  Now... if you have exceptionally LARGE feet... you may have to use one shower cap per shoe... tee hee!!!


Look at our funny photo for the day!

Hey... this is my bed... buddy!!!!!!
My husband said... 'are you sure they are discussing who's bed this is?'  Gosh.. men.. they just have s _ x on their minds all the time...  geeze louise...


Then.. I found another great idea (that I didn't think of!).... Look how they've taken cork board and simply glued it to the inside of a cabinet door.  Hello... how simple is this!

I need one in my spice cabinet.  Every time I buy a new spice.. I need to put it on a list.    Since I'm in to 'cooking' more these days (don't ask my how that came about... have no clue) I find recipes with spices that I'm not sure I have. 

So.. what do I do... go to the spice cabinet and spend 15 minutes (or more) looking through all of them to see if the one I need is there. (I have no memory anymore...)

While searching... moving cans and jars around.. have you ever noticed how they fall all over the place?  Man.. I hate that.  I stack them up.. they fall again.... and again... until finally I simply give up and shut the cabinet door!  A spice list on the inside of the door will now solve this frustrating issue!  What a genius idea... (I do get them from time to time...)


Okay.. now that I've solved the SPICE JAR issue... let's GET ORGANIZED!!

Let's talk measuring cups, measuring spoons... let's go through all of our 'baking items' and get them organized.  How many sets of measuring spoons do you own?  I must admit.. I think I have around 4 or 5... BUT.. they all seem to come apart and the one spoon you need... is not in  the set you've picked up.  Now you have to dig to find it.. or pick out another set of measuring spoons.  Why... oh why.. does baking have to be so stressful? 

It doesn't... 'cause I'm cleaning up this mess and gettin' organized!!

Hugs to all!!


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