Monday, January 23, 2012

January 23, 2012  Monday

Happy Monday everyone!  Are you ready for an exciting week?  Mine is hustle bustle... I'm finishing up my hooking retreat today...! I'll post pictures for you when I get them all cropped !

Then... it's time to put all of the final touches to the January Camp Blanding Retreat.  I'm so excited.... We only have this event 2 - 3 times a year and it's a blast.  I think I have 172 people signed up... wwwhhhhooooiiieeeee...!  What Fun.

I'm already working on the fall retreat... fun new things we're trying to get going for you.

Today's "feel good" photo is a hoot.. I burst out laughing when I found it.  I hope it brightens your day!

hahahahahahahahahahaha !!!!!  Too darling !!!

HEY...speaking of babies... I'm going to be a great-GG (grandma gloria) to a sweet baby girl!!!  My grand-daughter - Elizibeth is having "Aubree" in June (around the 9th).  I'm so excited!!!  Ok... just so you know... there are NO boys in this family (only my son - Toby).  I have 4 grand-daughters and soon 1 great grand-daughter... there's still time for a boy though...
I'm not loosing hope!
I can't wait to snuggle her!!!


Decorating ideas!

I found some really cool ideas I thought I would pass on to you!  Take a peak at how they used these adorable hankies!

Isn't this precious?  It looks like they hung a second rod (maybe covered with fabric - or ribbon wrapped around the rod??)  Then hooked them on with the cafe rod hooks.  Do you have a collection of hankies?  Do you own hankies from your mother or grandmother?  What a wonderfully, sweet way to display them.  Heck..these would look great in your sewing studio too!  Or in a guest bedroom, or a little girls bedroom.... or even in a bathroom! 

I like how they folded them - staggered/overlap look so you get to see the entire hankie! 

I think it's super cool!!!


And here was another fun idea for hanging curtains - the primitive way!! LOVE IT!!

I'm not sure why I'm attracted to hooks... so is my daughter, Heather.  (kind of strange don't you think?)  Oh well.. it is what it is!  I think this is so cool...for those of you that are primitive lovers.  OR... for those of you that aren't into the crackly look... it would also look wonderful painted a coordinating color to match your room.  Can you just see the board painted a soft pink on a white wall with white tab curtains?  That sounds like a Susan Ache (she loves pastel - OMG you should see her should be in a magazine!) idea doesn't it?  I just love this.  Now.. let's talk about the hooks.

You can find old antique spoons - take them out to the concrete driveway - get a STRONG hammer and hammer the spoon part flat... then bend the spoon into a hook.  Screw them to the board... are you with me?  I've seen hooks made from spoons - with all different patterns on the handle - they are so pretty!  Try it!!!


Then... let's talk light switches!!  Many times they are the forgotten little "touch" that can make the room.  Let's say you have a bedroom that is full of wonderful toile - bedspread, curtains.. maybe a chair or some accent pillows.  Well, here is a way to take that same look and 'dress up' your light switch covers!  Here's the link:  Covered Plates and Switches

I just love these... I've made covered switches before and they work great... especially with the modpodge covering.


Christmas.. I found a garland that I'm simply going to have to start collecting for.  That's why I'm showing it to you now... BECAUSE IT'S WINTER and  your luck at finding red mittens is now easier!!

Don't you want one of these????  Now.. if you don't want to hang it in front of a window... how about the fireplace????? From the mantle????  Ok.. here is my issue... where in the heck do I find RED MITTENS in FLORIDA?  BINGO... I have the answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yes.. my dear friends... EBAY!!!  I just went online and found about 10 pair that will be adorable.  Now.. the continuing issue... they are NOT CHEAP.. so I have to purchase them one pair at a time.  I would really love to have old ones... but now we're talking ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE to find.  So.. I'll get the new ones and beat the crap out of them and make them look old!  Spray them with Primitive Gatherings stain, unravel some of the knitting.... drag them out in the yard in the dirt (ha.. just teasin'!) and before you know it... they will look old. 

I'm even using some of my OLD CLOTHESPINS to hang them to the twine/rope line.  OR.. I may just attach them to one of my awesome greenery garlands ... add some snowflake ornaments, a few primitive homespun bows... YIPPEE!!!  How far away is Christmas... I can't wait to make this display!  (my husband is going to think I've lost my marbles... oh well...)

So... are you now on the mitten hunt???  We'll all have to take pictures and then send them to me so I can post them!  What fun!


YUMMY TIME !!!  Who loves Carrabas(sp?) ???  I do...!!  It's one of my favorite restaurants - locally that is!  I found the dipping sauce that you get with their bread.  Here is the recipe!!

Dipping Sauce 

Doesn't it look good?  I could dive in right now!


You know how I love Annies... don't you?  (Well...I DO!)  and the cuter and primitive they are the better.  I had a brainstorm!  I'm going to have my wool hooking instructor, Katie... help me hook Annie's face... and then attach it to a body and make this sweet thing....

    She's pretty pitiful looking isn't she?  I have just the antique doily that will look so sweet on her dress.

Check out those eyes and that huge  nose!! WOW!  She's pretty sad looking and that's JUST THE WAY I LIKE HER!

I have a pair of old 'saddle shoes' from a child that I think I'll put on her.  Won't that look sweet? (I remember wearing those things and hated them!)


Let's get organized!  How is it coming?  Are you making progress... or are you simply, IGNORING this part of the BLOG?  Uh - huh... I know you pretty well don't I?  Well.. just in case you're saving all of these ideas for a later date - here's another one for you!

Clean off any bulletin boards of OLD THINGS.

Have a happy day!!!


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