Saturday, January 21, 2012

January 21, 2012

Well... today is the BLOG day for quilting.  I've just seen too many wonderful new ideas that I must share with you.  However... we MUST have our funny for the day!  Look what I just saw!!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  Isn't this a hoot?  It sure did make me laugh... what are the odds of getting this picture.  Just too wondeful!

Then... here is our aaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww  photo!!

Sweet little fellow... Wonder what he's dreaming of?  His little head is on Teddy's arm.. like a pillow!  I sure would like to scoop him up!


One of the blocks I showed you in earlier blogs... take a peak...

I've been trying to think what fabric I want to make it out of... I just can't decide!  I don't have colors like the picture... I could use all of the different "dressing gowns" from the 1800's (love that look), I could use different blue and whites...hhhmmm.... it just hasn't hit me yet and I want to make it so BAD!!!  I think I'll dig around in my fabric closet (HUGE walk-in - pray for me that I come out alive!) and see if something strikes my fancy! 

Then... here's is another one...

Several of my sewing buddies loved this block (from Pinterest) so I put it on EQ and made it into a quilt pattern for them.  I have to remember to print more copies and take to my sewing group again.. they all want to make one.  Isn't it cute?  LOVE IT!  I'm sure it has a name (don't know what it is) but I've named it "happy star"!  It looks so colorful and happy!

Then... I just saw a new block...

Have you noticed a pattern here?  Everything I've picked out is very colorful with LOTS of pieces.  Now the LOTS of pieces part I like... however, I hardly ever make anything with bright colors... what's up with me anyway??? hhhmmm... maybe my tastes are changing and I didn't even notice it!


Then there is this wonderful little table.  These are the old wooden TV trays.. you know ... the kind with the slippery tops that everything slides off of?  Well... look what great ironing tables they make.  Simply put lots of batting down and cover it with fabric.  Staple it on the underside and you're good to go!  I especially like the fact they take up little floor space... good to take to retreats and classes with you.  There is just something about getting up and down a million times when you are piecing and pressing that wears me out (even though it's good for me).  Plus... I just love using my own iron.. one that I'm used to... don't you? 

So... I told my friend (Lynn) that I would ask my hubby to be on the lookout for these at garage sales (he loves to take Lexie on Saturdays...)  We should be able to pick these sweet things up for a great price.


Now...take a look at this quilt!

This beautiful quilt - came to life again the other day at my sewing group.  Karen had decided it was time to put the binding on this wonderful piece of artwork.  This is from Marcie Patch - Patchalot Patterns - it's called Indian Paintbrush  Patchalot Patterns .  When we used to do shows.. we had this quilt and kits with us.  We couldn't keep them in stock.  It was one of our best sellers.  You all need to order it today and make it for yourself.  I CAN'T FIND MY PATTERN!!  So it's time to order me another one.  I didn't make the store sample so I don't have one for myself... and I simply MUST!  Thanks Marcie for such a wonderful quilt!!


Well... I hear my hubby calling me for breakfast... it's time to wrap up today's blog.  Here is your tip for organizing !!

Go through your plastic bag - plastic container - foil area!  Dump what you don't use!!!  Remember to push in the ends of the cardboard boxes on your foil and plastic wrap boxes.  It will keep the roll IN THE BOX!

Chat with you tomorrow!!


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