Friday, January 20, 2012

January 20, 2012

Good Morning!!! 

Hope everyone is super great today.  I've picked a hodge-podge of things to share with you today!

The first one is something that I was amazed at.  I've been cooking since I was about 12 years old and used aluminum foil all that time.  Did you know you could keep the silly roll inside the box (mine NEVER wants to stay inside!) while pulling out the foil and then tearing it?  LOOK!!

Yes... I know... you are amazed (and if you already knew this...three cheers for you)!!  You can push in on each end of the box and it keeps the roll from coming out of the box and acting crazy!  Thank you ... whoever FIRST posted this on Pinterest!  I am NOW a HAPPY girl!!!  Isn't it amazing how the little things in life can make you feel so happy? 


Look at this sweet Pillow from Crabapple Hill Studios!  I just thought this was so sweet to make for our little ones for Easter!  It's hand embroidered with crayon coloring.  Go to Meg's website and then have fun shopping.  Crabapple Hill Studio    Plus... join her 'stitchin' BLOG.  It's wonderful.  She is such an artist and so sweet AND talented!  Some day I'm going to her retreat... in the state of Washington.


Be right back... my hubby has breakfast ready!!

YUMALICIOUS!!  Fried egg, sausage patty, hot tea!!  It was yummy...mmmmmm  good!


I'm not sure... but I think this is a mouse.  don't you?  Here's my question... How in the heck did they get this picture?  I'll tell you what.. some of these photographers are miracle workers.  The pictures they capture are amazing.  He looks so happy doesn't he?  Are you happy today?  I sure hope so.  This little fellow will sure put you in a good mood. He makes me giggle.



I have a friend, Charlotte, that has a travel agency (she and her hubby) and they have made arrangements to take a tour group (limit to 28) to Ireland!!  One of the fun stops is the Ireland International Quilt Show!!  June 1 - 11, 2012 are the dates.  Wait until you see what the package includes... it's SUPER.  Plus... it's a private tour group - one that is hand picked just for us.

Search for the Ireland Quilt Tour and read all about it.  The fee covers air fare (from  your 'home' airport), all tips and gratuities, accommodations, all breakfasts, 6 dinners(amazing dining experiences), all transportation, 13 tours and events, 3 day admission to the quilt show, and more!  I've shown the trip details to several of my friends that have traveled to Ireland and they tell me this sounds fantastic. 

They've been in the tour business for 30 years and been to Ireland countless times.  Experts they are!

What a blast this will be!!  If you are interested in signing up... email me   Olde Green Cupboard Email   and I can send you the brochure and contract!!  I'm trying to help her get this going by sharing the information with all of my blog and quilting friends.  Remember.. you can take your spouse and/or family.  The only part of the trip that is actually quilt related is the show... if you don't want to attend all 3 days, they have other tours and events planned - so if you want to attend the show.. your spouse can do something different.


Collections - I thought I would share another one with you ... antique graters.  now.. let me tell you... the round ones in the pictures.. well... they are almost impossible to find anymore.  They are VERY old.  My favorite thing to do with the graters is to use them at Christmas time.  I place them on an antique ironstone platter (one that can handle heat) at different levels. (some of them are placed on coffee cups turned upside down).  Then I place a clear votive cup with a candle inside under each one... lite them...  and the display is gorgeous.  I also put greenery and red berries on the plate.  Once lit - the designs it shines on your ceiling and walls is so pretty.  Scented candles (pine) are even better.  LOVE THEM!


Check out this wonderful quilt.  As you can tell - I'm a primitive/shabby chic kind of girl and I just think this quilt is the BOMB!!  Do you have a list (or kits) of quilts that you know you just have to finish before you leave this earth?  I do.. and this is one of them.  Pulling the fabric for this bad boy will be so much fun.  It's all of my favorite colors!!!  How many quilts do you have on your "MUST MAKE" list?  I haven't counted them lately...but I'm sure there are at least 12-24 of them.  Speaking of that - I think I should get busy on punching them out! 

I get so wrapped up in new projects - I do loose my focus QUITE OFTEN!  Does that happen to any of you?  I sure hope so... I don't want to be the lone ranger in this category.

Just yesterday I realized how I had lost track of time on getting some of my new quilt patterns published.  Writing the pattern is pure torture to me.  I love the design, love to make it...  but having to keep my butt in a chair to write the instructions... BLAH!!!  However, I must be more disciplined and GETTER' DONE !!!  (I promise to do better...)


I found a wonderful, sweet thing on Pinterest!  It's a 'thankful' jar!  Here's how it works.  Everyone in the family is to participate - even the kids.  Every time something happens throughout the year where they are thankful - they are to write it down on a small slip of paper (with their name) and place it in a "Jar".  Then on New Year's Day... the family opens the jar together and reads them all aloud.  It gives the family 'bonding' time together to start the new year off... and helps them to remember all the things they are thankful for. 

Isn't that a cool idea?  Plus... you are not to be picky about what you put inside.  Even if it may seem silly... if you were thankful for it, write it down.  For example.. I can think of a few things that may seem silly - but they are so wonderful to me.  I am thankful for "the laundry that I forget to finish in the washer and dryer that Jack finished for me".  I am thankful for the sweet way Jack feeds the birds and squirrels everyday.  I am thankful for how HE makes the bed every morning (I HATE making the bed.. .I think it comes from my mother pounding that into me every day when I was a kid.)  He knows how much I don't like it... and he does it for me.  (isn't that so sweet??)
I am thankful for my sweet daughter...that she has such a wonderful heart.  I am thankful for my son-in-law and what a good daddy he is to Lexie. 

See how this works?  Try it... let's all do it together.

Organizational Tip For The Day:

Go through ONE DRAWER in your desk!  Destroy/shred items you no longer need. 

Have a happy!!  I'm off to sew... yippee!!!


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