Thursday, January 19, 2012

January 19 - Thursday

Yippee!!!  Only one day left and I'll be heading out to my Rug Hooking Retreat!  I can't wait.  It's been so long since I've worked on my wool hooking projects... I'm ashamed of myself.  HOWEVER, this next week will be wonderful.  While hooking I will also be taking care of last minute details for our Camp Blanding Retreat !  I have 169 in attendance!  I CAN'T WAIT!!!!  Now... trying to decide what to take to work on for 5 days is going to be a challenge.  You never know how much you're going to get done... and I sure don't want to run out of projects ( that's going to happen).

Hey... look at our sweet friend - doesn't he make you so happy inside?  aawww.... he's saying... "don't you want to pick me up and love me"?   His sweet little one patch eye!!  We need to call him Jack (as in the pirate!)!

It's back to my passions - hhhmmmmm.... what could be another one of mine?  Well... it's another strange one!  It's old teddy bears!!  When I see them in the antique stores - I just have to pick them up and give them a hug.  I want to bring them home with me... but in case you haven't been shopping for old antique teddy bears lately... THEY ARE EXPENSIVE!!  Nothing wrong with my taste..that's for sure.  They just look so lonely sitting in the shops..all by themselves.  So a little hug from me makes them happy for a long time.  Look at these sweet fellas....

I have a boo-boo right foot... something happened to my paw.  :( 

Did a dog chew it off... what's the deal?  Boo Hoo!

And... here I am... taking a namp... I'm soooooo tired!

See...aren't they sweet?  Just think of the little child that loved and cuddled me.  How can they get rid of these little momentos?  I just don't understand it!


Then... we have the Santas !!  The old and primtive ones... that's on the top of my passion list!!  Check out these bad boys!!

PLUS.. .he's holding a sheep... I LOVE THEM TOO!!!  (it just doesn't take much to make me happy...can you tell?)

Here's another great one.  I love to put out my Santas at Christmas time.. it's my favorite display!!

If you ever find a source for great ones - new or old - let me know!  (but don't tell Jack.. he just thinks they are the same ones I bring out every year...)


One of the things I'm always on the look out for is fun new ways to set the table.  Not that I enterain that much (hardly at all...) but I keep all of these ideas stored on my Pinterest under "entertaining"... cause you just never know when the Queen or the President may come to dinner!  HA!!!

Look at this cute idea....

They wrapped the napkin and silverware with a paper tag that showed what the menu was going to be for the meal!  Isn't that clever?  Well, I thought of something else.  Let's say you are having a fun dinner with a bunch of your quilting friends... Take this same concept but type fun things on the paper tag that deal with quilting... like cute sayings... or how about the measurements of a fat quarter, fat eighth, how many charm squares you can cut from a yard of fabric... fun things like that!

You could make these place tags into anything that fits the group !!  How fun is that?  Is your brain spinning?  Are you thinking of fun things to do with this project?  Simply print them on your computer - maybe on some sweet paper from the scrapbook store... cut them out and tape them onto your silverware and napkin!  Or... tape it around the glass - or across the plate... you get the picture!!!


Here's one of the first projects we are doing (MakeIt-Take It) for my B-a-a-a-a-d Girls Club (wool group) at Cinnamon's Quilt Shoppe (it starts the last Saturday in February).  I'm bringing dessert in these jars!  Since it's February - I can't decide to bring this yummy cheese cake - or red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting...

I'll serve the dessert - then with the lids - we are adorning with a wool lid cover - flowers - that we will stitch, add a cute button - and then glue into place.  We'll then wash our dessert jars, put the lid on it... and it now becomes our little "wooley snippet" jar that we'll bring to class with us. 

You see...we save all of our wool snippets and scraps.  Then I'm going to show them how to make them into a pin cushion later in the year!  (such a cool idea).

Take a peak!!!!

Don't you just want to dig in???  YUMALICIOUS!!!  Here's the site that has all types of ideas for the little Mason Jar treats.  Mason Jar Treats


Then... look at this cool idea !  Cute pens!

Here is the site for the instructions:   Cute Pens

I thought it would be cute to try and wrap one with cotton fabric (their choice) - then make the pom-pom from wool.  That's on my project list - so it can be a Make It - Take It project also!  LOVE THEM!!

If for some reason these links do not work for you... go to my Pinterest boards and you will find the links.

***********************'s time for us to get Organized!!

Here is our challenge for today:

Let go of items from a hobby you have outgrown.  This is a hard one isn't it?  Sometimes I just don't want to give up stuff... you never know when you may need it.  It's time... if you haven't touched it in years... and have NO desire to do so again... GET RID OF IT! 

I'm now off to make the bed and SEW!!!

Hugs to all....


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