Wednesday, January 18, 2012

January 18, 2012

Good Morning... Good Night!!!

I've just learned (from my friend, Lisa) that not only is my blog read in the morning with your first cup of "yummy" coffee... but at night before you go to bed (nite..nite...Lisa)!  How sweet!  You all have no idea how much I appreciate your sweet comments each day.  They rock!  It makes me grin and laugh out loud - what a good thing so early in the morning.  Here it is 4:56 am and I've already been up for an hour (I know.. .I know... sleep just isn't in my world these days) reading your comments and deciding what to blog about today!

I've decided to share some more of my passions with you (I have LOTS of them so... I will NOT run out while blogging...).  It's pin cushions!  Yep... I could be classified as a pin cushion "_ _ ore"... if you know what I mean!  Look at this sweet thing... (Karen... hide your has a mouse on it!)

Now you tell me... how precious is this little fellow?  (Karen.. it's won't hurt you!  My friend Karen... she's DEATHLY afraid of mice... someday I'll tell you a gut-ripping-funny story about her and mice!)


Another passion ... buttons!  When we go to Houston and some of the other big quilt shows, there is this booth (Can't remember the name of the company...sorry!) that sells vintage buttons, ribbons, all kinds of cool sewing stuff!  Well, let me tell you... I could spend all day in her booth.  It is just so awesome... I can feel an anxiety attack coming on when I enter!  Look at this button display!  Now... here you have buttons!!

The picture is a little blurry... but you get the idea.  I remember - in Houston -  they had a vendor with these button cards (hanging on the wall).  They are the sample cards the salesmen used in "barking their product".  I just loved them.. wanted several of them SO BAD.. to hang in my studio.  Did I buy any...NO... what a boob girl I was.  I've been on the look-out for them every since (ebay, quilt shows, etc.) and I've NEVER seen any as gorgeous as they were.  How pretty they would have looked with my blue transfer ware plates!  Oh well... it's still fun to be on the "hunt" for several of them while antiquing!


Now.. I know you may find this somewhat strange... remember in an earlier blog the basket with string and the wool bird sitting on top?  Yes... I will admit.. I love antique string balls!!!!  Are you scratching your head wondering where in the world I come up with these ideas???  I don't know... I simply don't know... but I just LOVE THEM... LOOK!!!

I know... it's silly isn't it?  But just imagine how simple and awesome this would be sitting on top of my shelf in my studio above my antique quilt....  (((sigh)))


Hey... I have to show you my silly daughter!  She and her hubby (Keck) and Lexie were on vacation several years ago in Michigan... they went into some kind of "hands-on" fun place.  Well... here was a HUGE toilet in some kind of display.  Look at Heather... isn't she a hoot??

She must get this silliness from her Dad's side of the family!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!  Heather... you crack me up!


Okay... not to be outdone by Heather... check out this 'sweet boy' !!  Poor little fellow...such torture!!!  Can you just see in his eyes... 'please... please... just let me eat one little bone' !!  HA!

And then we have this silly squirrel!!

He's made from wool roving!!!  I LOVE HIM!!  I just want to kiss his sweet little nose!  What a great talent the person was that made him. 


You know.. one of the things that I've noticed lately... when I go to buy lampshades -  how hard it is to find one that is just the right color, texture, etc. to make the lamp look really awesome.  Know what I mean (wow ... there are some ugly lamp shades out there).  So.. I found this great idea on Pinterest from the Moda Bake Shop (great...great ideas for all of us!).  Here are the instructions to make this sweet thing!

Isn't it cute?  I love it.  It's the perfect project to match the quilt on your bed!!  Here is the link for instructions:   covered lampshade

Here's another style and the instructions : 

So... am I making you feel like "Suzie Homemaker"?   Covered lampshade

And... one last one.  I thought this was really cute.  What a cute way to decorate a child's room... let's say you have their room decorated with Winnie-the-Pooh.  Find a cute lampshade - a writing marker in a color that coordinates with the room... then write the story of Winnie-the-Pooh on the lampshade.  Sound crazy... look at how cute it looks....!!! 

It's not a HUGE view of the finished project... but I just thought it was pretty clever!!

What the heck... if you don't like it... simply cover it... or buy a new shade! 


Look at this yummy!!! OMG... I could pop about 6 of these in my mouth... right now!  So easy to make...

Check out this link for the instructions:  dunking posh piggie stars

I think they are so darn cute!!!


So... how is the Getting Organized project coming?  Are you all participating?  Or.. are you all just telling yourself .. "I'll get started tomorrow"?  hhhmmm..... (I'm thinkin' this may be more of the case..)

Well... just in case you are working at this... here is your next project:  Let's Get Organized

Ger rid of hair doo dads you never wear, old combs, brushes.  Then clean the combs and brushes you want to keep.  Let them soak over-night in some Fantastic or Mr. Clean and water.  They will be all nice and clean in the morning!

Chow... it's time for breakfast!


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