Saturday, January 14, 2012

January 14, 2012

Good Morning to you... Good Morning to you... with bright smiling faces...we're all in our places...

Have you ever heard this song before?  My hubby... Jack... his mom - used to sing it to him when she would wake him up for school.  NOW... he does the same thing to me... and I'll admit... IT DRIVES ME NUTS - even though I understand he is doing it out of love - especially when he's bringing me a fresh cup of hot yummy coffee!! 

I'm not sure why I started the blog this way... the song just came to my head - as Jack brought me a cup of coffee to the computer.  Whew... I wonder where these thoughts come from sometime... don't you?

Today... is a great day!  Saturday - LOVE THEM!!  I'm not sure what I'm doing today - but I can pretty much guarantee it's almost NOTHING.. except sew.  I can never get tired of sewing.

Look at our "smiley" photo this morning!

Don't you just want to pick me up and snuggle with me?  I can just feel his sweet little warm body in my hand... and love that puppy smell... !!  I could just give him a sweet little pat on his bottom. ((giggle))


Here's a cool thing I found on Pinterest!!  What a great way to decorate your yard for a big party!!  Especially with the stars at a big 4th of July family picnic!!  It's FLOUR! (pray for no rain)

Remember when we had the stars on the floor at the Olde Green Cupboard?  For those of you that were never in the store.. we had green stars painted in different areas on the floor throughout the sales floor.  Every once in awhile we would have the "bell" ringing special.  If we rang a bell, you had to find a star and step on it fast!  They were all numbered.  We would then draw a number and you could win a prize or a discount!  Oh My.. was it ever fun.  You've never seen such a group of "crazies" in your life... they looked like ants scurrying over a picnic blanket!  What fun!


I'm getting ready for an upcoming "hooking" retreat... can't wait.  it's so much fun to be with the girls and just relax and hook!  Look at this cool purse I found!  I WANT IT!!! 

It looks like it would go fast.  My friend, Katie, could have it drawn up in no time.  I'll show it to her at retreat!  She'll like it too!  If you've always wanted to learn to hook, Katie is your girl.  She has a studio here in Jacksonville and she teaches classes!  It's a hobby you will LOVE!

Most gals think that hooking is only for rugs.  NOT!!  You should see the cool things the gals make at these retreats.  It's simply breath-taking.  Look at this cute fellow... wow... do I ever want to make him.  I'm asking Katie to duplicate this bad boy.  He's going to be MINE!  What a great project to make and it can be an heirloom - pass it down though your family.


Have you ever sewn on a Singer Featherweight sewing machine?  I'm sewing on mine now and I'll tell you.. when I push on the petal it makes my heart sing.  Now I know this is probably crazy to many of you.. .but until you've sewn on one... you'll never understand.  EVERY woman that loves to sew needs to own one of these sweet things.  They normally are in black or white...but look at this sweet thing!!

Now... ask me if I would love this RED one... DUH!!! The answer would be YES, YES, YES!!

There are great shops (or private owners) that service the machines... then they have them custom painted!  I was sewing with a gal at Cinnamon's the other day that had one pained blue and orange (with flames on it)!  Now that was something else!  Whhhoooiiieeeee!!!  It was cool.


Hey... look at these adorable bags!  They are simply those shopping bags (cheap) that you can pick up at any craft store.  They've gotten "ruffle happy" and made them look so adorable.  I love both of these color combinations.  What cute gifts for your friends (remember... I'm your friend too!  A girl cannot have too many bags)

So cool... I love them!!


Organization tip for the day!!

Time to pick out another storage shelf and purge, straighten and organize!!!


Ok.. .I'm out of here for the day!  Chow!!  Have a great Saturday!


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