Friday, January 13, 2012

January 13, 2012

Now... I'm not a superstitious person... but today is Friday the 13th!  So.. if you're reading this in the morning with your coffee... just be careful for the rest of the day.  No walking under ladders.. no black cats jumping out in front of you.  Just keep your eyes open and hope for NO BAD LUCK TODAY!

This will help...   to make you feel safe and happy... look at this sweet thing!

Precious...that's all I have to say about that!  I don't even care if you are not a cat lover... this sweet little thing has to bring a smile to your face and an "aaaawwwww" !  yep.. you did say that didn't you?  HA!!


Hey.. look what other wonderful thing I found.  How many of you have rings that have been handed down to you in your family... rings that have been given to you that you no longer wear (out of style for your likes today, too small... too big... ).  Well, now you can make it into a darling bracelet.  This is a single "stand" but would look also cute with multiple rings hooked together for a 'double' strand look.  You can find all of the "findings" (that's jewelry I've recently learned) at any craft store.  All kind of "jump rings", clasps... you get to pick your favorite.  Then with some needle nose pliers - you are in business!!  I can't wait to get going on my collection!!

How cool???? Instead of having them just sit in the jewelry box - get them into a bracelet.  I think it's great the way they mixed the silver and gold they'll match whatever color ring(s) you wear also.  I am so doing this..... (another thing on my 'to do' list)


Organization... gotta love it!  WOW... check out these two ideas!

Do you have stairs in your house?  Is it like "pulling teeth" to have everyone take their items up to their rooms?  Well, here is your solution!  Now... I don't have stairs... but I do have things that are never in the right room - know what I mean?  I've decided I'm going to put these in my laundry room too.  I have a long shelf above my washer and dryer and everything gets stuck up there (it gets so ugly).  SO...  I'm hitting the craft store (Hobby Lobby has great baskets) or World Market and finding just the right size for my shelf.  Then we can hide detergent, softener, dryer sheets, and still have a couple extra baskets - one for Jack (undies), one for me... one for misc. junk that always ends up in the laundry room...   I see a shopping trip in my near future!  (don't forget to measure your step depth - or shelf depth to make sure you get an accurate size basket)


Here is another COOL idea for all of our flip-flops !!!

How about this cool trick?  She got a little fancy and put a cover over the top.... naaaahhh... not me..!  I'm just getting my hangers, cutting them, and bending them like in the picture.  How easy is this?  Now I won't have them in a huge pile on the closet floor!  OMG.. .it will make it so much easier to vacuum (once in a blue moon) the floor of the closet!  YIPPEE!!!  I'm so doing this!



How many of you buy these chickens?  (we must get them at least once a week).  Well... here is a link to give you some ideas on new ways to use these pre-cooked sweet things!

(copy and paste this into your browser)

You'll be so happy with these ideas... I LOVE THEM!!


Let's Get Organized:  Tip of the Day!!

Go through the rest of your drawers in your bathroom (if you haven't already done so!)

Ok... I'm off to whack off some more of those items on my "to do" list!  Don't you just love crossing things off!  ahhhhh.... what a great feeling!

Ta Da!!!


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