Sunday, January 1, 2012


Well... here we are - another wonderful year has passed and we're moving on to 2012.  How many months will it take you to write the correct year?  It seems to take me forever...MONTHS!! 

Remember when I blogged about a BIG COMMITMENT to send you something new and fun each DAY for 2012???  Today is the FIRST DAY!!  Gosh.. this is huge for me... sending something each day will be a great way for me to:

1.  Plan ahead
2.  Be very disciplined!
3.  Keep my creative juices flowing (that will NOT be hard to do)
4.  Try and get more sleep... this idea has kept me awake quite a bit lately

Then.. you will all enjoy the fun things I've found that I can share with you!

Here's the first of my great "finds"!!  Just to make you get a great BIG smile on your face to start the day!!

This just has to make you smile... even if you are not a lover of kitties!!!  These two little fellows remind me of the kittens we found abandoned in our back yard this past summer... looks JUST LIKE THEM!  They have both been adopted... sure do miss them!

Isn't this cool?  One of my pet-peeves is ugly cords ... here is an adorable way to resolve the issue!!  So easy and fast to make...

And one more goodie for you... FOOD... we can't forget the best thing in life... EATING!!! 

It's time to be thinking about our next major holiday!!  Yep... "SWEETHEART DAY" !!
Make these beautiful cookies for your children, your "honey" and enjoy...  I think they are absolutely gorgeous!

YUM-A-LI-CIOUS!!!!  I surely go for about 6 of these sweet things right now...mmmm... dunked in hot, sweet coffee!!!

I can see this blogging may be a problem with my DIET!!!

Now... get busy and get to the kitchen!!

See you tomorrow!!


Let's Get Organized!!! This section of our daily blog is going to help us get our life in order!  Doing a "little something" each day will quickly get your organized and make you feel SO MUCH BETTER!!

 Set up a donation station!  For example:  Church Yard Sale, Goodwill, Women's Shelter
They can be tubs, boxes or bags - your choice! 

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