Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy January 2, 2012 !!

Wow... I have so many things to share with you... I'm having trouble deciding... I thought I would begin each blog with a sweet photo.. .one that will make your heart happy... first thing in the morning...  How about this sweet one?  He's saying..."aaahhhhh... if only I could get through this window...."

Is this little fellow not adorable???  When I first saw this picture... I burst out laughing.  I remember when my twin sister, Vicky, and I were little....!  We were at our grandparents - at the lake - and had been digging for worms to go fishing.  All of a sudden the shovel hit something a little hard.... maybe a rock?  We turned over the dirt and to our surprise... TONS OF BABY TURTLES THAT HAD JUST HATCHED!  They were adorable box turtles... the size of a quarter... and they were crawling everywhere.  Well... you can just imagine the squealing that came from both of us.  We ran up to the house and got Grandma!  She helped us rescue them ... some went back into the lake.. and several we kept for us and our friends.  I loved my turtle...

Then... when I lived in Eagle Harbor... my nephew - Peter... he found a teeny, tiny baby turtle on the golf course.  He brought it home and Vicky and I were instantly taken back to the day - digging in the garden.  We kept the little fellow in a turtle dish until he got large enough to let loose.  It was sad...praying he wouldn't be prey to another animal.   I wonder where he is today?  Do you think he remembers us?  Childhood memories... ya gotta love 'em!

Now...this is clever!  I can't tell you how many casserole dishes I've taken to events and forget the silly thing!!  Does that happen to you?  Or...they bring them to my house... they forget to take it with THEM... and I have NO IDEA who to call and let them know!  This little project can solve that issue.  This is only the beginning of what you can do with "glass engraving"!!   Have FUN!! is the perfect recipe for your casserole dish!!

Baked French Toast... OMG!!!  The saliva glands on my tongue are on over-load at this moment.


Have fun today... cook up a storm ........... AND............... ENJOY!!

Chat tomorrow... Gloria

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