Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Good Morning!!!  Have you all survived?  Are you still eating leftovers? (we them...)

I've had a few days to rest after the BIG DAY and I'm feeling much better.  Whew...I was a tired girl there for a couple of days.

I'm going to Cinnamon's Quilt Shoppe today to do a little sewing with many of my friends.  I'm taking FUDGE with me (it must leave this house).  It's such a temptation when you are dieting (of all times...during the holidays).  I'm up to 29 pounds that are GONE and I don't ever want to see them again.  Now... to keep on plugging away...calorie by calorie!

Have you begun your TO DO list for the new year?  I have and it's VERY LONG.  Oh's kind of mind boggling.  However, I keep telling myself it keeps me happy and younger.

I have a big quilting retreat that I'm sponsoring coming up the end of January - 160 will be in attendance!!  Can you believe that?  It's so amazing.. and the best part is...everyone has a ball just working on their own projects.  Gosh it's nice to get UFO's done. 

Then.... there is the dreaded task of taking down the tree, sorting through all of the decorations (purging this year) and packing everything up.  I would rather spend all day in the dentist chair (I really LOVE my NICE and GOOD LOOKIN" !!!) Plus... there is NO PAIN with him.  Now.. the Christmas clean up... that is painful to me!

THEN... my darling husband is on this kick... "Let's Clean Out The Garage"!  What's up with that?  Isn't it usually the wife that harps on the husband about the garage?  He wants my 'stuff' out of there so he has more room to move around.  My question is... why?  What does he plan on doing out there?  He hasn't worked in our garage on projects in over 15 years.  I'm scrathin' my head... I am clueless.

So... we have some wonderful friends that have an auction house... I'm going to get stuff ready and take to them.  They specialize in antiques and primitives - and I have plenty that I am no longer attached too... so it's time to say "good-bye".

I'm off to get my sewing packed up and head out! 

Everyone have a great day!!  Keep Sewing.


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