Monday, November 7, 2011

YARD SALE (Garage Sale) - have I told you how I DO NOT like to prepare for yard/garage sales?  Just twist my arms to get it done.  Of course... once the sale is in progress and I get to visit with the customers... it's FUN!!! 

BUT THEN..... it's time to box up all that DIDN'T sale and take it to the Goodwill or to my friends John and Susan's auction house.  (They are such a wonderful blessed to know them!)  Well... that's on the agenda for today... even though my DH doesn't know it yet!  We have to load up the van and take a road trip - we're going to pretend as though we are a delivery company!

My granddaughter, Lexie, is with us for a couple of days... so that has been wonderful.  She'll be the protector and ride in the back with all of the fabulous items that no one wanted!  HA!!!  Rain.. of course it had to rain today... but that will not stop the delivery team.  I want this stuff out of here !!

Have you ever gotten to a point in your life when you just need to "minimize"?  I'm there!!!  All I want are the things that I LOVE THE BEST around me (can you say fabric...) and the rest can be loved by someone else now.

Then Lexie and I are headed to Cinnamon's Quilt Shoppe!  They are getting some fabric ready for me... I'm starting on my first project for our B-A-A-A-D GIRLS CLUB... AND I CAN'T WAIT!!  Friday night is an all night sewing event at Cinnamon's and I'm going to work on this gem!

So.... This afternoon I will be cutting my fabric... and selecting the WOOL that I'm using in the center.  Gosh.. It's so cool starting a new project!

Time to hit the shower.... Chat with you later!!!  Glo

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