Sunday, November 13, 2011

It's already Saturday, November 13!!  What has happened...where has this year gone?  In just a few more days I will smell the turkey cooking in the oven and waiting anxiously for my family to arrive for our Thanksgiving dinner!!  WOW... Before I know it the Christmas decorations will need to go up!

Christmas is so less stressful for me now...!  When I had my store... it just seemed like the season never ended.  We actually worked with the Christmas season 9 out of 12 months.  Isn't that hard to believe?  We went to markets in January and February, and July... then from March through May we didn't have to deal with it much.  HOWEVER... then the merchandise began to arrive.  You see ... in the retail world - many vendors gave you discounts if you took the merchandise EARLY (they needed their warehouses empty to get ready for the following year)... which worked great for us since our storage area was so big.  Plus it gave us plenty of time to price and plan our displays.

So.. now that is gone from my life... I get a little shocked when I walk into the stores and SEE CHRISTMAS!!  It actually brings a tear to my eye and sadness in my heart.  I loved my store and I loved the holiday seasons.  Seeing customers happy and shopping for their homes and families warmed my heart.  PLUS.. making the displays was SO MUCH FUN.  Now.. my sister, Vicky, well.. she was my floor design manager and she is so relieved it's OVER!  NO MORE STRESS !!!

I've just been visiting some of my favorite web sites and blogs.  It's just amazing to me how many wonderfully talented people there are in this world.  I love it when I see a new design and it takes my breath away.  Then I get all teary-eyed at how proud I am that so many of my friends are designers and how wonderful their work is.  (have you noticed it's a teary day for me...hhhhmmmm... wonder why?)  Check out these cool designs!!

The first one if is from Stacy Nash Primitives... Man I love her primitive cross stitch!.  The second one is from Brenda Gervais - With thy Needle & Thread !!  Aren't they wonderful????

CELEBRATION...  I've been dieting (NO CARBS and NO SUGAR) and I'm happy to say I've lost 25 pounds.  Now.. here is the issue... I'm not sure where on my body that has happened... hahahahaha... well... I actually do... my FEET!!  GO FIGURE... WHO IN THE HECK WANTS TO LOOSE WEIGHT IN THEIR FEET???  My tummy is another area where it's noticeable to me (any little bit in this area is so thankful!) PLUS... my face and neck!  Why is it I have to carry my weight in the two parts of my body that make me look like it's time to put on a helmet  and uniform and join the closest football team?  Man... I hate this gut!  Know what I mean gals???  I don't even know if I'll ever have a waist again.  HA!!!

Ok... I've babbled enough today... It's time to get cleaned up and sew!!  Plus we have friends coming today for steak on the grill YUM... that I can EAT!!

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