Monday, November 14, 2011

I'm packin', stackin', and getting ready to head for Atlanta tomorrow morning!!

I'm teaching at one of the guilds in Atlanta - and I can't wait!  It's so much fun teaching fun gals!!  I'm going to show them how to make those nifty - 9 Patches (the Lisa Bongean way - Primitive Gatherings) and then we'll be using wool on raw silk to make the center of the wall hanging.  I'm going to show them a different option to the applique - stitching with SILK THREAD.  Sometimes you just want an simple look - no buttonhole stitching - this will do the trick!

I have my trip planned... I'm making a stop for gas only... walking around the car some... then stopping at "A Scarlett Thread Quilt Shop" in McDonough, GA. (It is so AWESOME!!!  Hey.. I smell a bus trip...???)   Can't wait... Karen... are you reading this???  I'm on my way!!!  (I'm bringing you one of each pattern that I've designed a present...)

That should put me 3/4 of the way there... that will boost my energy for the rest of the trip. 

Once I get to Tami's house... I'll change clothes... go out for an early dinner and then get ready for my trunk show!  The following morning it's off to the classroom!  YIPPEE!!!!  I have lots of tips and tricks to show the gals that will hopefully make their future wool projects more fun and easier!!!

Tami... I'm coming............  see you soon!

I'll take pictures and post them on my return!!

Ta Da everyone... it's off to pack my suitcase and quilts!!


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