Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I'm BACK...............  I have returned from Atlanta where I taught for a great group of gals from the Etowah Valley Quilt Guild!  19 crazy girls that did a fantastic job with their wool project - Three's Company.  Thanks girls for such a great time!

I got to stay with Tami - her house was in the sticks... but oh such a beautiful area!  I had no idea the woods in Georgia could be so beautiful.  Here is a picture of my gorgeous Americana bedroom that I called home for several days!
Don't you just love this bed?  It was one of those REALLY high ones...the kind you need a little step stool to crawl into it.  The quilt on the bed was antique!!  LOVED IT!  Slept like a baby!

On my way into Atlanta I just had to stop in McDonough, Georgia and visit with my friend, Karen Taylor - the owner of A Scarlet Thread.  Listen... if you haven't been to this quilt shop... you are missing something HUGE!  Her shop is gorgeous and so full of "eye candy" I just didn't know where to look first.  Here are some photos....

Now these florals.... I just wanted to roll around in them...they were so gorgeous!!!

This is the batik section!!!  Wow... was it ever wonderful!!!  All of you batik lovers... you'll go nuts!!

Karen has a wonderful area in the store where she sells machines... and her favorites are the embroidery ones.  See this pin?  Well let me tell you...they were making a new sample while I was there... and they will knock your socks off!  There is actually a software program just for these pins.  You use a product in your hoop (with your fabric) while stitching.  When finished stitching... you cut out the petals and then hold a steam iron over the top of the fabric (not touching).  After a few spurts of steam... the flower crinkles up into these fabulous shapes!!  It was AWESOME!

This is her embroidery machine software wall !!!!! To Die For!! 

Then you'll see a section that is nothing but displays of gorgeous bags, purses and totes!!!

                        A fabulous NOTIONS WALL !!!!

Then we have the children's clothing section!!  What adorable patterns!!!

This is just a small sampling of the wonderful displays at A Scarlett Thread!  If you are going North on I-75 - you must stop in.  It's just a short distance from the highway and WELL WORTH THE VISIT!!!
Here's her web site... go take a peek !!  Heck... do some shopping while you're there!  Remember... to support your local small businesses!  We want them all to thrive in this icky economy!!

Hey... I just had a wonderful thought!!!  Wouldn't it be cool to plan a road trip to A Scarlett Thread?  How about a BIG BUS!!!!  Karen told me to give her a "head's up" on when we would like to visit...she would love to have us!  Let me know if you would like to tag along???  Oh my... how much fun would this trip be?  I can see us all on the bus...singing...playing games... ha!!

Ok... I'm off to get busy at that sewing machine!  No rest for the designer blood in me!!

Later chickies!!    Gloria

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