Sunday, October 23, 2011

Good Morning!!!

I thought it would be fun to share with you the "things I love" every once in awhile!!!  Here's my first!!

Have you noticed how "HOT" the cupcake and cookie deal is?  It's the new "thing" in the baking and EATING industry!  I think it's  SUPER ...especially since I LOVE COOKIES AND CUPCAKES!!!

Paula Barnes (Bonnie Blue Quilts) daughter, Alison, is one of the BESTEST cookie decorators I have ever seen!!!  YOU MUST CHECK OUT THESE DESIGNS!!!

Aren't these spectaculor???  I mean to tell you... UNBELIEVEABLE!!!

Follow her blog:  Ali Bee's Bake Shop

  PLUS... once you have her blog pulled up... go back as far as you can on her older posts and look at all of her designs!  These are just a drop in the bucket of the number of things she can do with a simple cookie!!  Ali - you're the best!!!  Keep up the fantastic job!

The best part of this talent Ali has... she's all SELF TAUGHT!!!  Her momma (Paula) designs wonderful quilts and Ali is a "cookie designer"!!  LOVE THEM!!! 

ALSO... Please feel free to contact her for orders!  You can contact her through email from her BLOG.

Wow... have these ever made me hungry!!!

I'm off to the kitchen for a fresh cup of hot coffee... and something to eat!  I'm on a NO carb, NO sugar diet... which leaves me pretty much into vegetables and protein!  Do you think a hot, yummy, cinnamon, pecan breakfast roll is in the diet plan?
No.... I knew you would say that.... darn it!!!
How about some bacon and scrambled eggs?  YEP...that's more like it...but that means I have to cook.... BARF!!!

Later chickies!!


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