Sunday, September 11, 2011

Good Morning!!!  Sunday morning... September 11.... Oh how I remember this day...  I had been running some errands for the store and stopped in to grab a goodie from Panera Bread.  There was a long line and everyone was buzzing about the news that a plane hit one of the twin towers.  In my little pee-wee mind (not thinking about it in great detail) I prayed that no one was hurt... not even thinking that it actually went INTO the building... (where was my brain?).

Once in the car - the radio was full of the details.  I couldn't believe what I had heard.  Then upon arriving back to the store... the second plane had hit.  I remember sitting in the car - dumb-founded... not really understanding what actually happened.

Finally when I got my wits about me I went inside and told my daughter and one of the girls working with us.  We closed early that day.... unable to work and wanting to get home to our families.  Isn't it amazing that awful tragedies have to happen for us to FULLY know how much we all love each other........  God Bless the families, friends, firefighters, and our hero's that gave up their lives. 

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