Friday, September 30, 2011


My hubby (Jack) and are back from our quick trip to Indiana!!  We had a great time.... We visited with Jack's younger sister, Linda and her hubby, Steve... along with their two wonderful sons, Jake and Luke.  Sylvia and Ted (cousins) came from Illinois - all the guys were going to an antique car show about 1 1/2 hours from us.  While they were looking at cars that were "hot" during their teenage years, all of us gals went antique shopping!  WOW... what wonderful primitives they have.  Cambridge City is full of antique shops along with many of the neighboring small towns.  I saw TONS of furniture that would have looked absolutely AWESOME in the old store...sniffle... made me even more homesick for it. 

THEN... all of the wonderful blooming mums, HUGE pumpkins, AWESOME gourds, and fall decor made me even MORE homesick for the Olde Green Cupboard.  Fall was my favorite time for decorating in the shop... full of beautiful fall flowers and foliage, pumpkins, turkeys...WAH!!!

Then... the favorite of all!  We got to eat a breaded tenderloin sandwich!  Have you ever had one?  It's so puzzling to me that they are only in the Midwest.  You've never tasted anything so scrumptious and sinful in your life.  Here's how they make them.  Take a center cut port roast - cut into LARGE SLICES.  Then pound the pork out until it's as big around as a DINNER PLATE.... but thick enough to still hold juices.  Dip it in a light batter - deep fry it - quickly - until the outside is golden brown and the edges are crunchy.  Put it on a bun with - my favorite - mustard and dill pickle and you are in "HEAVEN".  The silly part is... the meat is so huge (dinner plate size) that when it's in the bun (Burger King size) it hangs out so much that it looks silly!  By the time you have eaten the meat that's hanging outside the bun... YOU ARE FULL!!
I've decided I'm going to make some.  Why not?

You know what?  If I could find someone to start up a simple sandwich restaurant (like a mom and pop kind) that served:


Breaded Tenderloin Sandwich - the size of a dinner plate

ORIGINAL Coney Island Hot Dogs - with chili,             onion...mmmm

Patty melt - on yummy rye bread

Reuben - full of corn beef, cheese and the best sauerkraut


Onion hay stacks - Have you had these?  Thinly slided onions... lightly battered and staked on the plate like a hay stack... about 12" - 14" high... with yummy dip!!

Home made thinly sliced potato chips - with melted blue cheese on them


Home made apple cobbler with a crumble top and vanilla bean ice cream

Strawberry shortcake - with homemade shortcake biscuits - stacked high - full of juicy strawberries and ice cream

Key Lime Pie - and not one of these skinny little slices that you get in the restaurants.  1/4 of the pie... with a yummy, yummy graham cracker crust!

Cheese cake - the kind that is so moist it melts in your mouth!  Piled high with strawberries!

Hot Fudge Sundaes - with GREAT hot fudge and lots of it!

(So... can you tell I'm on a diet????)

Anyone game???  Got some cash so we can get this awesome menu going?  OMG.. I can see the lines at the door ... waiting to get in! 

okay...back to earth....

I was so excited to find REAL bittersweet!  My cousin Sylvia wanted to get some and I got so excited... do you know how long it's been since I've had REAL bittersweet to decorate with.  I've never found it growing here in Florida... too stinkin' HOT! 

Soon this bittersweet will be in a new table display in my dining room!!  and along with it... I think I'll put my favorite crow!!!

He's just about as primitive as you can get!!!  I LOVE HIM!!  So... when I get enough energy to drag out the fall pumpkins, etc.  I'll take a picture for you!

I guess I'd better get busy for the day!!  I have some orders to fill!!!  YIPPEE!!!  Thanks to all of you that order my patterns!!  I'm in the process of finishing up 3 FANTASTIC new ones... I can't wait for you to see them.  I'm hoping they will be big hits!!

So... Have a super day... Sew until your little hearts content... That's what I plan on doing!!

My new design is with Bonnie Blue's new fabric line - Tavern Blues.  It's a 2 color quilt (blue and tan) and full of stars!  I must hurry and finish... then off to the quilters... it's going to hang in the Marcus Brothers Fabric Company booth!!!  Isn't that awesome!  So exciting!

Ta da... later.... !!!


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