Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ahhh....the smell of French Toast!  What a morning... my poor DH has been very sick this weekend... I do believe he's caught a bit of the flu!!!  He's hardly ever sick so this is a big deal around our house.  He's slept and slept and slept... gets up to eat and then sleeps some more.  This morning he was feeling a little better and decided to make him some French toast.  Before I knew it - he was no longer in the kitchen... "he couldn't have eaten that fast".  I finally found him... he was mad at the French toast and had thrown it in the garbage.... "IT WAS NOTHING BUT MUCH... I threw it away".  What a hoot!  So.. I made him GOOD French toast...he's full and happy and went back to bed!  Why did I tell you this story... because I COOKED!!!  Mark this down in your history books. (can you tell I don't cook much anymore?)  Now that he's napping.. .I can chat with you !!

Did you know it was National Sewing Month?  It's hard to believe that we didn't have a day for all of us until President Regan declared it to be!!!  My family have been sewers as far back as I can remember!  My Grandma Ruby sewed everything...she was awesome... suits, fur coats, slips/under garments, clothing, furniture covers!!  Then my mom sewed too!!  She had two of us that she sewed for in the summer... my twin sister, Vicky and me!  Then she sewed for our older sister, Linda!  She had her hands full... we dressed alike back in those days... can you imagine making two dresses just alike? (we weren't allowed to wear slacks and shorts to school in those days....)

I remember my favorite dress... it was big black and white buffalo check with printed stagecoaches printed around the bottom of the full skirt.  I thought I was hot stuff.  Funny... I loved that dress and Vicky doesn't even remember it!  She thinks I made it up.... NOT!!!

PLUS... to help celebrate National Sewing Month - MODA has a great BLOG HOP we can all participate in!  Each designer has a certain day... they tell about their State Fair memories, food they love to eat at the fair and then have a little project for all of us!

United Notions Website   Click on this link and take a stroll through their website.  They are always coming up with wonderful ideas for their shop owners and us!!!  I love them all !!  What a wonderfully group of talented designers and employees!  Mr. Dunn ... what a team you have!!

Here is my newest challenge.  I just love this antique block !!!  I've adapted the basic shape and have made a new pattern design.  It took 144 of these little flower "crowns" to make 36 blocks!  They are now all finished and I'm piecing the rows together.  I've named it "Victoria's Crown" !!
I think it may be one of my favorite quilts ever that I've designed... of course.. my latest one... "Plum-i-li-cious" is pretty awesome too!!  When I get a good photograph of both... I'll post them to my blog!

It's time to sign-off.... I'm off to the shower and then on to get my toes and nails done!  Then back home to take care of my DH and make sure he gets well... then it's SEWING TIME!!!

Have a great Sunday!!!!   

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