Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wow...what a great day!!

This Sunday has been the best! I woke up early (very early) and had so much on my mind I just decided to get out of bed and get busy! Of course...there is the morning email reading, blog reading, and catching up on pattern orders! Then it was time to play!

Being creative can be a messy job! Can you relate? I have tons of notes, all of those cool things you see in magazines that you've torn out (with all intentions of putting them in notebooks in categories...ya...right!), drawing pad, pencils, pens...whew! Before I know what happens my sewing room or desk looks like a cyclone hit it.

I've been designing a new block of the month. It's called "Living in America". As each block is finished (in wool applique), I'll post it here on my blog... you will see a quilt actually come together as we chat. So... with that in mind... here are my first several blocks.....

GGGGrrrrr.... there's something wrong with the upload of pictures into my BLOG.. they just sit there with the little "thinking wheel" spinning around and around! Have I told you how frustrating comuters are??? (a...uuuummm.... I am a hollow reed.... trying to calm down!)

Well on to other things!

Everyone keep your fingers crossed and say a big prayer for me... I'm calling a fabric company with 4 new ideas for fabric! It's quite challenging to come up with new ideas that no one hasn't already thought of! This fabric could be AWESOME... for that old soft antique look... ! I'll keep you posted on how the challenge progresses.

I'm also working on another retreat!! This one is totally different and will be SO MUCH FUN!!! Stayed tuned... there will only be 16-18 slots (especially for you primitive lovers) so when I email it out... hang on to your knickers and if you even think you want to come... REGISTER! More to come..... (have I peaked your interest?) Keep watching......

I'll keep working on the photos!!!!

Happy sewing... and remember "Celebrate Handmade"!!!

Hugs to all........... Gloria

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