Friday, July 2, 2010

Eeeeekkk... It's July already!!

What happens to the days, the hours, the minutes? Wow.. an entire month has gone by and I haven't had the chance to post anything new to my blog! I've done so much this past month!

I've just returned from the Vermont Quilt Show where I helped Paula Barnes (with Bonnie Blue Quilts) with their gorgeous booth. What a nice show... great show volunteers. We felt so welcomed.. they even brought us bottled water and cookies each afternoon. Now how sweet is that? I'm sure it goes unsaid that both Paula and I didn't want to hurt their feelings when it came to accepting those cookies... so we took them! HA!!!

See this rack? It's my newest bestest friend!! Paula told me she just purchased one of these little babies and I thought it was a fabulous idea! It's a project rack. Use each tray... fill it full of your project notes, samples, photos, etc. that pertains to that particular project. Label the tray... them place them in the rack from top to bottom in the order you want (or need) to get them finished... prioritize!!! aaahhh... so wonderful.

I'm sorting through my sewing studio and fillin' em up!!

While in Vermont we took a few hours to play! We found this wonderful primitive shop. I simply wanted one of everything. The outside gardens were also gorgeous! I took some photos.. let's see if I can get them from my Droid phone to this page... here it goes... ick.. I'm not good with all of this technology yet... ok never mind... I've just spent 20 minutes trying to find it on my computer. I'll have to look later.

Today I am working on a new block-of-the-month design made with wool. I haven't chosen the name yet but it's going to be a primitive wool look. I'm making it special to honor all of our military. Each one of them is so special in my heart. My hubby, Jack, served 20 years in the Navy. Now I look at tv and see children defending our country... I just ache for the day when this fighting is all over... and those that are serving overseas in the war zones are safe again. I'll keep you posted on it's progress. I have tons of research to do... to get my mind in the creative patriotic route!

Stay well, stay busy and "Celebrate Homemade" !!

Later... Gloria

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