Monday, May 17, 2010

What a great day!!

Yesterday I took a little shopping trip with Vicky and Lynn Rogers. We went to our beautiful St. Johns Town Center. OMG!!! Was it ever HOT! Lynn's car registered the heat outside at 110 degrees!! No wonder I was all sticky and icky!!! That Town Center is something else...I felt like I was in another land ... it's been a long time since I've been shopping (window shopping as it turned out... didn't spend a dime! What's wrong with me?)

Now...Saturday...that was a different story!! I decided to begin working on the know... closets, drawers, etc. (what was I thinking?) I started with my let me tell you... this was a major project... I don't think I had worked on it the entire time we have lived here!!! eeeekkkk! You know... it's simply amazing what you can find when things are all in order! 4 LARGE, BIG GARBAGE BAGS LATER... I was finished. I think this is the untapped way to help people loose weight! I've never bended or squatted so many times in my life.... and let me tell you... I can tell this morning!! It was a little challenging getting out of bed... I think every muscle from my waist down HURTS!! However.... My closet looks fantastic!

Then... on to the bathroom drawers and cabinets...eeeeekkkkk... do you know lots of things have expiration dates???? I think I win the contest on who has kept them the longest... I won't even begin to tell you the "year expriation" on many of them!

Then... on to the bedroom dresser drawers!!! I never realized I had so many pair of "matched" socks!!! Out with the old.... and in with the new.... that's my new motto!

Today I'm making sure I have everything I need for my Minneapolis trip!!! I leave on Weds. with the early birds!! Our flight is at 6:00 am!!! Faye (she's working with Marti Michell), Susan (she's working with Crabapple Hill) and me (I'm working with Blue Hill Fabrics) will all be on the same plane... and it's a little one too! However, it's a straight flight! Thank you Susan for finding the flight for us! Then we will help set up the booths and for 3 days, take orders from quilt shop owners! How fun this will be.... I can't wait!

While I'm there I hope to gain even more inspiration for designs. I have so many in my head and sketched out now I doubt that I would ever get them all completed! Now... I'm off to the shower and on to the hair dresser...gotta get these locks trimmed and the roots covered up!

Chow... Gloria

p.s. Yippee!!! It's raining today... do we ever need it!

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