Saturday, May 8, 2010

Look at this!!!

I finished working with Katie on my color selection for my BOM wool rug pattern. What a job!! There are so many colors to choose's overwhelming! I'm okay at picking out fabric...but wool colors is a whole new ball game.

It was wonderfully fun! We've decided to have the first month be the sheep and the watermelon. She's dyed the wool already and will begin hooking it TODAY! We have a full day of hooking with the guild today! I can't pile is ready to pack into the car.
Although... I have a strong suspicion that I am now alergic to wool. When I am around it for some time... I cough my bloody brains out. I might have to begin wearing one of the little masks they use when they are doing your nails. Won't that be a lovely site to see? I don't care!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not giving up my wool!!
I'll take some pictures so you can see the progress!!

Hey...look here... I didn't want any of you to feel bad because your sewing room is a mess!!! Now honey's... this is a mess!!!

I can't even tell I have a cutting counter.... is that my ironing board?... Hey...where is the keyboard to my computer? Heck....who cares....I'm on my way to hook!!!
Chat with you soon!!! Gloria

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