Sunday, May 2, 2010

Crackle...crackle...tinkle...tinkle....CRASH!!!!! Oh yes... did we ever get a surprise this morning when we pulled up to the store! One of the HUGE windows in the center of our store front was lying on the sidewalk in a kazillion (is that a word?...sounds good..) pieces. I went crazy screaming... NO NO NO NO NO NO!!! You see... we just had our auction the evening before and many of the customers items were still in the store... waiting to be picked up today! I just knew when I walked through the door it was going to be completely empty! Then I really freaked out when I thought of the auctioneers computer equipment that he left so we could finish today... I knew it would be history!! However, not one single thing was missing! We examined the broken glass area... nothing suspicious - no rocks, no bricks... you could tell the glass fell straight down and hit both the sidewalk and the inside floor. What a mess to clean up! Wow were there a bunch of pieces.

The place is down to it's empty bones. Today we had the kitchen cabinets leave the building along with all of our pegboard. Tables, silks, beds, cabinets...they all made their exit. Soon I'll make mine... I know.. it's only a building but when I think of all the fun times we had in there it's a real tear jerker for me. However... I will not dwell on this sadness... I will make everyone happy again by planning events, designing, sewing and .... gosh... I can actually go shopping now! What's that?

Hugs to all....!


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