Thursday, April 15, 2010


I just talked to Blue Hill Fabrics(they print my fabric) ... I'm going to Spring Market in Minneapolis to work in their booth. I get to take fabric orders from shop owners! How much fun will this be...sittin' on the other side of the table! I just hope I can fold up those fabric cards!! They show you the fabric on big cards that they lay out... it's kind of like refolding a map.... eeeekkk!!!

It sure will feel strange not to order fabric : ( !!!! Very sad!!! At least I'll get to see the samples !

The other great part of this trip is I get to stay with my Bonnie Blue friends - Paula and MaryEllen!! They are such a hoot and so much fun!

Wish me luck.... hope I sell a bunch for them!!

Chat with you later.... Gloria

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