Monday, August 31, 2009

Wow...where am I?

Have you heard that saying.... "too many irons in the fire"... hey...that's me. I have so many different projects, trips, etc. going on I'm not sure where in the heck I am. Making new patterns - double handled woven basket with wool tongues, basket with leather handles with sunflower, pumpkin pin cushion, tomatoe/strawberry pin cushion, pear pin cushion, Love in a Cottage 12 month stitchery, 5 & Dime christmas Stitcheries & Fall Stitcheries, Halloween Quilt to put together for "Jillie", Pop Clyde's Bow Ties new quilt pattern, Scissor lanyards with "Felts" wool, scissor fobs, daisy pins, Locker Rug Hooking kits to put together for Philadelphia and Jacksonville show.............whew..... you thought I was kidding didn't you?

I love it! Keep busy... it keeps you feeling young!!!

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