Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Olde Green Cupboard Christmas Party

OMG (oh my gosh) what a wonderful time we had at our Christmas Party. Denise Harkins was so super to host our great event in her home (mine is just too little for all of us - we're almost as big as a football team)!

The day couldn't have gone slower! Why is it when you have something fun to do after work the work day seems to be 20 hours long? I've never figured that out... anyway... back to our party. After the work day finally ended... we all drove to Denise's house. She had it decorated so lovely! It surely put is in the holiday spirit. Everyone was decked out in their holiday clothing and when I arrived.. they were already munching on the snacks. Then it was time to dig in to all of the food. I must say... when we all get together... we can turn out an awesome food spread!

It didn't take us long and we were all stuffed! Now it's time to open packages... this of course came after Heather and I told everyone how wonderful they were... how much we appreciate their hard work, and how much our customers love them. It is truly a gift from the Lord that led these gals to my front door! Thank you again girls.... you simply have no idea how much you all mean to me...sniffle....!

You OGC we draw names and then it's kept a secret until our party. Then one at a time, we all take turns finding the gift we brought and then giving it to our person. Of course, it's great fun to tease everyone... we may walk up to them and hand them the package...they get all excited and then we pull it away and say... "no... it's not you". Aren't we bad?!

It's just amazing at the skills our group has... I've never seen so many wonderful gifts in my life... we had quilts, wool pictures, hand embroidery pillows, bags, antiques, a hand-stitched mohair bunny, snowmen... and even a doggie coat - handmade... along with a scarf and mittens for the owner to match the dog's coat... isn't that something?

When I can figure out how to take a picture and move it to the computer...I'll show you my gift(s). Susan Ache had my name.... !! Was I ever excited to open my gift. It is a queen size blue & white quilt !!! IT'S ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! You see I'm making a new studio in my home and it's colors are going to be blue & white! I can't wait to hang it off the door of my awesome primitive soft yellow cabinet that I found not to long ago. It will hold my fabric (well, some of it anyway) books and patterns! That too is my goal... to have photos of my finished studio sent to all of you! The girls all went together and presented me with a "signature quilt" ... filled with their signatures.. along with Barb and Alma - Blackbird Designs and Lynda Hill - Primitive Pieces by Lynda ! It was a tearful moment seeing all of their names hand stitched !! sniffle... It's going on the wall of my studio! It was so hard to say good-bye to everyone...we had such a good time I didn't want to go home! In case you can't tell... I love my staff... it's like having 30 sisters!!

Ok...on with some more exciting news !!! We are having visitors in 2009 ! January will bring us Elly Sienkiewicz - queen of the Baltimore Album quilts and hand applique. We're also working up a date for Paula Barnes - Bonnie Blue Quilts to return again! It was great having her... and if you've not heard of her company or seen any of her quilts, visit and take a look! She's a peach and I can't wait for her to return. If you are a lover of reproduction fabric and quilts... don't miss this opportunity!

Then in November - it's Jo Morton ! She too is a fabulous pattern and fabric designer. I know all of the gals in our "Jo Morton Club" are excited. I do believe she is going to teach some hand piecing and then another project. Her classes have not been finalized, but you'll find out as soon as it's finished.

Then the first weekend in December... we're off on a cruise! Yes, Olde Green Cupboard is sponsoring a "Jingle Bell Time" cruise! Soon, very soon, we will have all of the details completed and we will begin to advertise. It's a great deal... I'm so happy with the participant's cost... VERY REASONABLE!!!

So.. that's it for the great and wonderful news! I'm home today - Wednesday is my "creative" day at the house. I need to get hoppin' on it!

Chat with you soon! Gloria

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