Sunday, July 6, 2008

The weekend is almost over....

Hi All! Well, this was a wonderful weekend for everyone! We got to spend the holiday weekend with our families.... or sewing !!! Our employee holiday sewing weekend is wonderful... (it's now Sunday morning..) I woke up early and was eager to get my day started. Threw some clothes in the washer, made my coffee, let the cat out to play in the garage (she's an inside kitty), read my email... and now chatting with each of you!

I've been a busy girl working on "Plantation Road" a Bonnie Blue pattern... it's absolutely wonderful... and VERY, VERY, VERY BIG! I'm adding the large 8 1/2" borders this morning and it will be ready for quilting! Then I'll wash it... dry it... and it will be all scrunchy...which is how we love our quilts to look!! We always get comments at our shows... "why do your quilts look so much warmer and attractive?" We try to have them all washed prior to a show... it gives them a proven GREAT look that customers LOVE!

The girls have been piecing quilt tops, hand embroidery, locker rug hooking, traditional wool rug hooking, long-arm quilting... you name it... we've worked on it this weekend! It's so much fun with us all together... what a bunch of sweet, lovable, funny, talented kooks I have working with me! It just doesn't get any better !!!

I'm really excited about a new venture.... I'm working on designing some embroidery patterns.. either red work or multi-color threads!! I've found a digitizing program that I need to order and learn how to use (in my spare time... hah!). Keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer that this old mind can grasp this new technology... scary isn't it? HA!!

Have a marvelous Sunday on the last day of this holiday season... I will... I'm going to the store to sew ALL DAY!!! YIPPEE!!!!

Hugs to all!


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