Quilting Services

Olde Green Cupboard Long Arm Quilting Services

We promise to provide you with superior service in your Long Arm Quilting needs.
Please call (Vicky 904-610-0597 - Gloria Parsons  904-742-1100)
or email iannuccivfi@yahoo.com  for drop off arrangements.  
We also accept quilt tops by mail if that's easier for you. 
7606 Putters Cove Dr.  Jacksonville  FL  32256
Our pricing is very reasonable ($.015 - $.08 cents per square inch - custom) and
compares favorably with other long arm service providers in the Jacksonville area. 
Completion time within 3 - 4 weeks or sooner. 

Quilt Top preparation:

Quilt top must be pressed and free of threads, lint, fuzz, and animal hair.
If quilt border is pieced - stay-baste-stitch around outside edge to prevent seams from opening.
Free from any glue, charms, bedazzle gems, beads, open seams, buttons, yo-yo, etc.
Place quilt top in pillow case, plastic bag or on hanger for delivery
- tag with name and phone number.

Precut your batting  4" wider than the quilt top around all 4 sides.

Quilt Backing preparation:

Backing must measure a minimum of 4" larger than the quilt top on all 4 sides.
All backing fabric seams must be pressed open.
Fold and place in pillow case, plastic bag or on hanger for delivery - tag with name & phone number.

Quilting Services Form:

A Quilting Services Form will be completed by us when quilt top/backing/batting is delivered.
Customer must read form upon completion and sign.
Customer(s) hold harmless Olde Green Cupboard Designs from any loss or damage to their quilting property and/or additional items associated with the quilt while with our company or  traveling /leaving premises.   

We also PIECE samples for shops and designers.  Call for more information.

Quilt Binding Services

Sweet Vicky is offering her binding talents for hire. Do you have several quilts just waiting to be finished because you can't stand the binding process. Maybe you are just backed up and would like some help to catch up with your projects. Vicky would love to talk with you and give you more information on her service. Email or call her for details
Vicky Iannucci 904-610-0597

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