Wednesday, May 23, 2018


Hi everyone!!

We are so excited to share with you patterns from some of our favorite wool and embroidery designers.  You know how we love hand embroidery, wool applique, cute "critters", fun organizers/ bags, wool applique and MORE.  So we are going directly to the designer or wholesale supplier and bringing them to our website! 

The main portion of our "home screen" will continue to be open for blog postings.   "Shopping" options are located on the right side of your screen.  Simply select the different options with your cursor/arrow and press the enter key.  The screen will change and take you right into the shopping mode!  

We do use PayPal for our shopping cart.  However, you do NOT have to have a PayPal account.  When checking out, an option to pay with a debit or credit card will be available.  Sales tax(if applicable) and shipping will be charged to the transaction.  

Our first artist that we have for you to take a peak at is a long time favorite of ours.

Bonnie Sullivan

All Through The Night
Bonnie Sullivan

Bonnie also designs fabric for Maywood Studio.  She specializes in the best flannels you will ever see.  When we had them in the store (Olde Green Cupboard) it was a fall line and they looked almost like woven wool.  Simply gorgeous.  Great quality, no pilling, soft, and washed/dried beautifully.

We are even more excited to have her BRAND NEW SPRING 2018 PATTERNS - straight from Spring Market!  You can be one of the first to get her patterns and start working on her gorgeous designs.

She's a genius.. and you'll understand what I mean when you see the patterns and embroidery lines are already printed on the background fabric! You'll have NO TRACING at all!  How about that?  Check out the sample below!

This is her NEW Needle and Thread pattern.  The background fabric is printed with not only the ruler fabric, but also the spool of thread and the embroidery lines.  You'll add the applique pieces and hand stitch on the embroidery lines.  PLUS... she has another surprise....!!  Many of her new patterns have laser cut applique pieces you can order.  OH MY... this is getting better and better !

Check this out... these are the pieces you will use with this project!  They are ready to adhere to your project and then stitch - by hand or machine.  The technique is your choice. Isn't that cool?

So... now it's time to move your eyes just to the right of where you are reading on this main screen.  At the top you will see:   SHOP - Bonnie Sullivan Patterns.  This is where you will be able to see all of the patterns we've chosen from her collection.  

Hold on to your seat.... We even have her fabulous seasonal patterns!!!  We work on Christmas patterns, ornaments, and projects all year long.  Bonnie's are just to fabulous for you to NOT have the opportunity to order.  Order them NOW and begin your work. 

Many of the projects give you the option to finish them into bowl fillers (ornies), pin cushions, or mount in a frame!    I'm doing all of my Christmas Bowl Fillers into the 4" x 6" black frames.  Those small frames are adorable tied onto the Christmas Tree as decorations.... or even onto packages with pretty ribbon.  What an extra "special gift" to make for your sewing or stitching friends for Christmas!  Order them now and you'll still have plenty of them to have them all ready for this Christmas.

I really like this style.  Once you have the pictures all finished and framed, tie cute, whimsical polka dot ribbon then you attach the frame to the tree limb.  You can click on the pictures and it will take you to websites to check out different 4" x 6" frames and ribbon.  I have found that these small frames are hard to find in the stores.... so I always order them on-line.  If you buy the ribbon with the wire in the edges, it is so much easier to form into a pretty, fluffy bow that stays!  

So... Grab your  project case, needles, threads, scissors, and head to the iron!  Press everything in place and start stitchin!  

Oh... first... wait...  make sure you order them from us first!  I'll pop them in the mail to you pronto!  Then... send us pictures when you're finished.  We'll make a "braggin' page" on our blog for all of you! 

Keep watching your email for more Blog News!!!

Keep on stitchin' !!

Gloria, Heather & Vicky

No.... we are not going to Missouri Star again...

Well, I'm not sure how in the heck the Missouri Star blog posting/email was published again....
It must have been an error on my part.  I was working on the files yesterday and I must have checked it by error.

Sorry for the boo-boo!  However, to report back to you on our Missouri Star trip that we went on last year.....  it was fun!  The group had a blast. 

I'm working more on postings today... so if you see anything weird post again... .just think to yourself

"That crazy Gloria is at it again"  !

Have a wonderful day everyone!!!


Monday, May 14, 2018

Primitive Gathering Retreat with RED CRINOLINE QUILTS!

Come and join The Olde Green Cupboard and Red Crinoline Quilts at the Primitive Gathering Retreat House.  Paula Barnes and Mary Ellen Robison will be instructing 3 days of classes, shop at Primitive Gatherings Christmas Open House (oh my... this is so much fun!), and take a trip to JJ Stitches Quilt Store and Country Sampler Quilt Shop plus antiquing and FUN!!  Only 20 spots in this great week of events.  Sign up today!! 

 Go To: for your registation form!

Saturday, May 5, 2018

My head is SPINNING...

Olde Green Cupboard - Retreats 
click on each retreat for more information and the registration form

REBEKAH SMITH - FOLK ARTIST   July 12 - 14, 2018
St. Augustine, FL
Openings available in all classes! 
Plus 3 days of open stitching together.

July 26 - 29, 2018
Openings available!

Outer Banks, NC
September 11 - 16, 2018
ONLY 3 King Bed Balcony Rooms
Double Occupancy rooms available!

September 27 - 30, 2018
Openings available!

Primitive Gatherings Retreat House
September 13 - 19, 2018
Stay at the Retreat House - only room for 16!
Openings available!

to be announced for 2019
Openings available!

February 10 - 15, 2019
Downtown Historic Savannah !!  Openings available!

February 17 - 22, 2019
Openings available!  Registration information TBA

March 29, 2019 - April 12, 2019
2 Oceanside Cabins and 5 Inside Cabins
is all that remain!!!  Sign up quick for this fabulous 14 day
cruise to the Azores, United Kingdom, Spain and Rome!

If you have a group (friends, family, guilds, church) that would like our assistance in planning a cruise, retreat, bus trip, inclusive location, antiquing trip...  or any type of event, contact us at

We are here to make your trip dreams become a reality!

Print and post to your bulletin board.... or add these dates to your phone calendar!

Savannah Retreat.....!!!

Hey gang....   5/5/18

We just posted another retreat for all of you on our website for February 2019.    Look to the right of the screen and you'll see one for Savannah, Georgia!

Wait until you see what a super, great, price it is!!!  Go there NOW!!!

Gloria, Heather and Vicky

Monday, April 23, 2018

Red Crinoline Quilts Retreat!!! Yippee!!!




are heading to Menasha, WI to celebrate the Holiday Season
and hang out with Primitive Gatherings!!!

What a fun time we have planned for all of you! Sixteen of you will get to stay at the Primitive Gatherings Retreat House while enjoying the event! We'll all be camped out at a all of you the fun experience of being together, sewing, laughing, eating, and having a blast!

November 13 - 19, 2018

It's time to head back Menasha, WI
to the Primitive Gatherings Retreat House!
(lodging limited to 16 people)  Class limited to 20 students
Join Red Crinoline Quilts (Paula Barnes and Mary Ellen Robison) where they will be instructing TWO NEW QUILT DESIGNS!

Now for the details....

  •  Early admission to Primitive Gatherings Christmas Open House (it's AWESOME!)
  •  Six Nights Lodging in Primitive Gatherings Retreat House
  • Two days of classes with Red Crinoline's Paula Barnes & Mary Ellen Robison
  • Two New Quilt Designs (kits INCLUDED) from Paula's new fabric line from Marcus Brothers
  •  One day full of demos, tips & tricks and some "hands-on" with Mary Ellen Robison
  • Transportation to and from JJ Stitches Quilt Shop and Country Sampler Quilt Shop
  • Breakfast each day along with lunch provided on class and demo days (dinner on your own - kitchen available, deliver in, or dine at many restaurants in the area)
  • Free Days to antique and enjoy additional "retail therapy" (a.k.a.... .shop 'til you drop)
  • Tour of Primitive Gatherings warehouse and Lisa's Design Studio
All travel arrangements to/from/and during the retreat are the responsibility of each individual with the exception of our group trip to JJ Stitches and Country Sampler Quilt Shops.

Retreat Fee:                $1200 
Deposit:                       $250    (Check only - payable upon registration)
Final Payment:            Due by September 13, 2018 
Non-Refundable:        After October 13, 2018

Print and complete the form in full (please SIGN) and mail with your $250 deposit check (payable to OGC) to:
Gloria Parsons
7625  Putters Cove Drive
Jacksonville, FL  32256

Olde Green Cupboard Designs - Event Planner
contact:  Gloria Parsons  904-742-1100 for information/questions
Each person must complete a registration form.

Friday, April 20, 2018

What Great Ideas!!!

Hi Gang!!

I wanted to share a few GREAT IDEAS with you related to..... PLASTIC!!!

Have you ever seen or used the adhesive placemats?  They are more common with babies.... to use in restaurants on the high chair or table!   These are perfect to have around the house and to use when you are working on different projects.... using glue?  Painting?  Clay? ... anything that may make a nasty mess on your work surface... Use one or two... how ever many you need to cover your work surface...then simply peel away and toss when you are finished! 

Do you have wee ones at home that like to color, use water color paint, colored pencils or markers... these are PERFECT!  No more worry about the mess on the table.

Here is my other plastic "love".... simple plastic shower caps.  OH MY GOSH... I use these for everything...   I cover bowls of food that go in the refrigerator.... when I cut my wool strips for my rug hooking, I put all of my wool strips down inside... it captures all of the "wool fuzz" in the bottom!   Sorters... yes I use them to sort items .... thread, floss, fabric strips... on and on!!!  Get yourself a package of them... then think of all the things you do daily.... how you can use them.  You will thank me.... I just know it!

There... you have it... two new ideas to use in your home and in your sewing studio!  

I'm thinking of blogging about how to design your sewing studio with fun new looks.... how to take an item that is normally used in the home... and using that same item in your sewing studio and change the entire dynamics of it's use.  Does that sound interesting?    Of course... my first love is the "Farmhouse" look!   I think I may start there.... with the galvanized look.....  

Stay tuned!


There's a "gremlin" around here.....

Oh yes.... he's a crazy "gremlin".... he seems to send you all old posts from our blog!!!!

Who are you????    So sorry for the old blog posting....  I'll try to find this little fellow and tell him to


Gloria, Vicky & Heather

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

We Have an Opening for the Black Stallion Retreat!

Are you ready to relax, enjoy the fresh air, play in the pool, walk on the beach, eat scrumptious food, shop and site see, stitch with Lisa, sip your morning coffee on the balcony of your room overlooking the beautifully groomed landscape in this country club....?    We've found the perfect place for you!!

If you were on 'the fence' about attending our Black Stallion Outer Banks Retreat with Lisa Bongean - Primitive Gatherings... you are in luck.

We have a room that has opened up for double occupancy (king bed)!  Oh yes... this is a retreat you will remember forever...!

We have filled this gorgeous house full of gals that love to Wool Applique Stitch!

Lisa has a fall theme this retreat and I've seen the sketches of what's she's getting ready for you and I'm here to shout... you are gonna love it!  along with her teaching the main classes, Vicky, Heather and I will be working with you on some "make-it-take-it" items that compliment Lisa's designs!

This house is gorgeous... all 20,000 + sq. feet of it!  You will love it tooo... our menu is such fun this retreat...  We will be utilizing that wonderful barbecue area along with the HUGE pool and pool house.

If you've never been to the Outer Banks of North Carolina.... you MUST VISIT.  We may even see some wild horses roaming the beaches.  It is amazing to see them and then to realize... they belong to no one... they eat and exist off the land.  So Cool.  If you can't stand it any longer and you want to come.... go to Olde Green Cupboard Website - Look for Black Stallion Retreat on the right side of the screen and GET SIGNED UP!

Front entrance to this HUGE home.

No... this is not the house... THIS IS THE POOL HOUSE!!

One of the most beautifully decorated retreat homes we've
 been fortunate to find!  It has a great classroom and 3 kitchens!
Oh my!!!! 
Please don't pass up this wonderful opportunity to have a great time with all of us.  I promise... you won't regret spending a week with us in this great house, making great friends, having THE BEST TIME EVER!

Visit Olde Green Cupboard for more details on the flyer and registration form! 
 See you on the beach!!

Lisa, Gloria, Vicky & Heather

Sunday, April 8, 2018

"My Favorite Things" (for you toooooo .... we hope...)

These are a few of "my favorite things"..... from my Favorite Friends!  It's time to brag on them!!!

Paula Barnes and Mary Ellen Robison work so hard on their company - RED CRINOLINE QUILTS.... designing new patterns, working with Marcus Brothers Fabric Company, designing wonderful block of the month programs, vending at quilt shows and writing beautiful books!  This is their first book.... and they are now working on their second one!!

Red Crinoline's NEW BOOK!!!!  

(Click on book cover for a link site to purchase your OWN copy!)

Here's another NEW BOOK from my sweet friend Lisa Bongean - Primitive Gatherings.  Oh my gosh...this fun book is wonderful and you will LOVE IT!!  It's such a sweet gift to give to one of your quilter friends for a "surprise" (just cause you love them) or as a birthday or Christmas gift.

(Click on book cover for a link site to purchase your OWN copy!)

Keep more than just a journal - keep a record of your quilting life! Photographed at designer Lisa Bongean's beautiful lakeside home, this inspiring week-by-week journal is filled with eye candy to enjoy year-round. 

Answer fun prompts to create lists for must-do quilting adventures, keep track of projects, document gift and charity quilts, or simply keep this gorgeous date book as a memory journal for future generations of quilters in your family to cherish. All in a perfect size to carry in your bag on the go!

Then.... we have Rebekah Smith - Fork Artist that will be with us in July of this year.  We are so excited to have the opportunity to learn her technique in making these gorgeous pieces of wool art!  If you also would like to learn from her... please look to the right of this page and you'll see where you can sign up for her classes!  It will be great fun...!  We have gals from all over coming to Jacksonville/St. Augustine to be with Rebekah... why not you too?

(Click on book cover for a link site to purchase your OWN copy!)

(Click on book cover for a link site to purchase your OWN copy!)

....and last but not least is my sweet friend Susan Ache!!!  We met Susan about 15 years ago when we had our store in Mandarin.  In walks this bubbly blond that was so excited to learn how to quilt.  She was NOT confident in picking out colors for her quilts.... and at that time she loved the primitive palette.... I had such fun helping her pick out the colors she loved and before we knew it she would be back in the store with the quilt ALL FINISHED!  SHE WAS A LIVING MACHINE!!!  We teased her all the time that we've never seen anyone sew so fast in our lives... and guess what?  She was self taught!!!  She's never taken a class in her life.  I don't care what she does... cook, decorate, sew, quilt, cross-stitch... she's so good at all of them.... one of those gals that can fall in a pit of tar and be perfectly fine when she crawls out!!!  Gosh... I admire and love her to death! 

Then one day she asked me to come to her house and she wanted to chat about "making pattern designs".  I told her if that's what she loved...go for it.  If she didn't like actually writing the patterns herself... find someone that did and she can design and they can do all the computer portion.  Guess what?... she now designs tons of quilts and has HER OWN BOOK!!!   SUSAN ACHE.... WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU!  HERE IS HER BOOK!.. YOU MUST ALL OWN ONE!!!

(Click on book cover for a link site to purchase your OWN copy!)

This book must be in your library TODAY!!!!

Then ... there is one of my most talented friends in the photography field... she doesn't quilt... I don't think she even knows how to sew on a button (sorry Susan....) Susan Michal!!!  She just returned from Africa with lots of photos of African animals.... but this book... it is so awesome... especially when you see how some of these beautiful ballet dancers pose....

Susan Michal... you are so awesome and I'm so 
proud to be your friend....
God has given you the most wonderful talent... showing the beauty of others....  

If you have children (or if you have taken ballet), please gift them with the beautiful book... it's breathtaking!

(Click on book cover for a link site to purchase your OWN copy!)

This now ends  "my favorite things"  for you today.  I decided we all like certain things... wonderful things in our lives... that we do, we use, we eat, we see, we touch... and I'm so happy to share all of them with you!  

We'll chat more!!


Thursday, March 29, 2018

Farmhouse Threads and Friends - Garden Mystery Quilt - Block 10

Good Morning to all!

Today is the day we get to debut our Olde Green Cupboard Block 10 for the Farmhouse Threads and Friends Garden Mystery Quilt!
We are so excited about the quilt this year....  I'm told we have close to 400 participating... with that great information I had to call my supplier and order more fabric.

Thanks to Everyone for Participating!!

Click on both links to print the complete pattern and full size template drawing. Be sure to print the template pattern in the horizontal setting for the correct sizing.


Kit Available: $14.00
(wool colors included in the kit may vary slightly, but we will do our best to make them look similar to the image above)

When we were children - living on a small farm - we had a HUGE garden... and I mean HUGE!  Plus a HUGE strawberry patch.  All summer we helped... from planting, weeding, dusting for bugs, turning the melons so they would ripen on all sides (tip-toe through the vines), digging up potatoes, shucking corn, snapping beans, shelling peas.... oh my gosh.. I could just cry remembering how much work it was!  Mom would plant marigold flowers all around the outer edge of the garden... she said it was to keep bugs away!  I'm not sure it worked very well... I can still remember Daddy giving each of us a coffee can with a small amount of gas in the bottom, pliers, and gloves.  We had the job of removing those nasty tomato worms from the plants.  Ugh!  In the can they would be tossed...only to be destroyed later! 

Then it would be time to help prepare all of the vegetables for canning.  I sure wish I had a $1.00 for every ear of corn I shucked and a penny for every snap bean and pea pod I touched!  

After canning, mom would count the jars on the kitchen counter and table.  She would say, 'Girls... we have 110 cans we need to listen for the jars to pop... help me to keep count"!   When they were totally cooled the vacuum inside would make the metal pop giving the jar a good seal.  We would eat those canned vegetables all year long until it was time to can more... all from our "Mystery Garden".   

Now that we're older... we would love to have a garden... but the sandy ground just doesn't do well with our growing.. plus it's so hot everything burns up. (although I am going to give a try with some tomato plants this year).   My husband teases me... he says I surely do NOT have a green thumb.  I seem to kill all the plants I get for the yard and house... so say a prayer for my future tomato plants.  If they grow well and harvest a few, I'll take pictures and show you!

Just think after our week... only two more to go!  If you haven't started downloading your FREE patterns, you still have time!  Did you see that word FREE????  Oh yes... so cool!  Plus each designer has block kits for you to purchase... or you can make the quilt blocks with your own fabric and wool... your choice!

February 2nd, Rhonda McCray, Farmhouse Threads

February 9th, Kathi Campbell, Heart to Hand

February 16th, Linda and Donna, My Red Door Designs

February 23rd, Kathy and Taylor, The Cottage at Cardiff Farms

March 2nd, Lisa Bongean, Primitive Gatherings

March 9th, Shawn York, The Rusty Crow

March 16th, Jeni Gaston, Woolen Willow Designs

March 23rd, Debbie Busby, Wooden Spool Designs

March 30th, Joyce Weeks, Geoff's Mom Pattern Co.

April 6th, Gloria, Vicky and Heather, Olde Green Cupboard

April 13th, Laurel Arestad, Simply Put Plus

April 20th, Joan Grenke, Bits and Pieces by Joan

April 27th, finishing instructions by Rhonda McCray, Farmhouse Threads

Please have fun with our block... hope it makes you smile and happy when you're "in the garden" !!!

             Gloria, Heather and Vicky

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

We're Home...Wow, What a fun trip!

Wish You All Could Have Come...

We sure wish we could have taken each and everyone of you on our cruise to the western Caribbean with us... it was soooo much fun! We're home now and trying to catch up on everything. We're just now able to sit and tell you all about it. 

Many of us traveled to port Canaveral the night before to be sure we were all set and wouldn't have any late travel issues. So the night before we decided to gather together for a yummy meal. Of course keeping our group from being silly is joke! That's definitely one of the reasons we love this group so much... tee hee.

The next day we all boarded Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas. It's the largest cruise ship at the moment. We heard someone is in the process of creating a larger one... wow, we can't imagine! This one has a outdoor courtyard park, a small town/shopping deck. Tons of restaurants, several theaters, many bars, pools, and so so much more! We had over 6,000 people on the ship, but we never felt like we were over crowded at any time. Royal Caribbean really does a wonderful job with their service and spaces. 

We were able to catch several of the shows they preform on the ship. The ice skating show was wonderful! It had many children's stories coming to life on one little ice rink. It was amazing to see the talent of these skaters and how they could all be on this rink without running into each other or the props! Jumps, twirls, etc... so, so good!

The next one we saw was the high diving/water show. Again the talent was tremendous. The way the pool's floor was shallow, then deep... it made for an amazing show. They also incorporated some aerial acrobatics and synchronized swimming. 

The first port we stopped at was Labadee, Haiti. It's a section of Haiti that Royal Caribbean leases from them and they have created a tropical paradise! So many fun excursions and the beaches there are breath taking! Many of our group loved to relax on the beach or in the shops. Some went on the LONGEST zip-line over water in the world. Others had fun parasailing. Like the adventuresome Lisa's.

The second port we stopped at was Folmouth, Jamaica... Look at this beautiful sun rise one of the girls took the day we arrived. So pretty, we had to share it with all of you!

Our last port was Cozumel, Mexico.
The water here was soooo blue! Just gorgeous!! Here they had fun tours of the ruins, caverns, of course shopping, and many private beaches that were perfect for families to relax and play at the same time. A few of us caught a catamaran to go snorkeling and chill at one of the beautiful beaches. 

Whenever we weren't having a blast at the ports, Lisa Bongean from Primitive Gatherings was teaching us all several beautiful wool hand applique projects. We just love how she adds so many techniques in stitching to her classes. It's these techniques we can take and add to other projects we work on in the future. If you have never taken a class with her... we HIGHLY recommend it! You will leave a stronger stitcher because of her knowledge and willingness to share with all of us. Thank you Lisa for all you do! 

Sweet Karen Kuntz finished her wonderful star project... we found out this was her very first hand wool applique project ever!! What! Her work was not only fast, but beautiful... nice job Karen.. xoxo

We had 72 students that gathered with us during this trip. That number doesn't include any of the family or friends they brought along. This image shows the conference room we were set up in. So, so many wonderful ladies from all over the US and several from the UK. We loved getting to know you all and we look forward to our next adventures together!!

In the sewing room we always set up a section for shopping fun treasures. This time we had wonderful items from 
Primitive Gatherings
Vintage Blessing, and 
Olde Green Cupboard
Be sure to check out all their websites to see some of the goodies you can order too.
It's always a good idea to bring one carry-on or suitcase empty for ALL the goodies you end up going home with. Regardless if they come from shopping on your trips or all the free goodies we bless you with for coming. You will definitely need the extra space as you pack to go home. lol!! 

Speaking of the goodies we bring for you... here are a few fun images of our last night in the classroom. We had a fun game for some of the door prizes, plus since it was close to Easter... our ladies picked eggs from a box to receive their next surprises. Three of them chose special eggs and they won great bags gifted from Moda filled with Lisa Bongean's lines of fabric!! How exciting for them!! YEA!!  

Next we chose two names to win the door prize quilts we brought for giveaways.... AHHHH to see the expressions on these ladies made the trip even more fun! Congrats Ladies... xoxo
Everyone left with a door prize to let them know we love them and we were so glad they came to join us. 

We want to thank everyone who came and who helped make this trip such a great success! We couldn't have done it with out you!! 

We had so much fun on this trip, we already have our next cruise planned... here's an image of the ports we will be stopping at to tempt you to join us on the 2019 trip! Come on and join the fun!! More information about it by Clicking the image. xoxo