Monday, May 8, 2017


Good morning everyone!

What a fun weekend we had....!  Vicky and Heather were at the Tree City Quilt Guild quilt show with a booth of fabulous jewelry.  Vic was so excited when she got home that she got to see gals she hadn't seen in ages.  It was so much fun for them to visit with everyone! 

I stayed home with my hubby and we had a fun day with Lexie and Isabelle (Vicky's littlest granddaughter)  What a pill the two of them are together!  So sweet...and they were both very good and had a great time playing together.  Isabelle has a little pink bike so each time her Uncle Jack took the doggies out for a walk she would get so excited .... she could ride her bike along with them.

I also finished the directions for our Mystery block-of-the-week!  Our block will debut this Friday... It's an Americana theme... hope you like it.  the blocks so far have been absolutely wonderful.

Then... I worked on a new series of Christmas ornaments for our K & K Interiors Co.  We have quite a challenge this time... they would like us to work on a series of Candy Canes, Snowmen, Santa, Angels, Cardinals, Pinecones, and I can't even remember what else.  So needless to say, my artistic brain is fast at work.  It does help me fall asleep at night.... I just lay there and try to think of new ideas and before I know it... I'm out like a light.  Then...when I first awake in the morning.... I'm right back where I was.  Funny thing though... I can think so much clearer in the morning on great ideas.  It just goes to show...when you're is your BRAIN.

We're also working on getting the rest of our retreats for this year filled to capacity with fun gals that want to have a blast, rest, relax, and renew themselves.  We have Camp Blanding in July and September, Missouri Star Quilt Co in October, and "Spirit of Christmas" after Thanksgiving! you can tell... we are a bit frazzle-dazzle here. 

If you haven't had a chance to read about Missouri Star and the Christmas retreat... please do so!  We have flyers on the website you can click on... we work so hard to find fun places and projects for all of you and we invite all of you to attend.  Every quilter deserves to treat themselves to a get-a-way retreat... it will invigorate your spirt, creative mind, give you new friends, and lots and lots of memories. 

Today... I am tackling the garage!!!  If you don't hear from me in several weeks... please come to my house and look for me - I could be buried out there somewhere and no one will find me.  hahahahahaha!!  We are organizing (for the 1000th time) and trying to get a better control on all of our "stuff".  You know what all of that is don't you.... just like in our sewing rooms.  UGH!!  let's don't talk about that!!!!

Chat with ya'll soon!  Gloria

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