Monday, April 17, 2017

Camp Blanding.... almost here!!!

Hi Gang!!!

We wanted to let you all know we still have openings in our Camp Blanding Retreat for this month!

PLUS...those of you that are attending...don't forget it's a great time to "purge and merge" from your sewing room!  If you have fabric, patterns/books, baskets, purses, antiques, puzzles, anything that all of us gals would love let me know and I'll assign you a number.  You get all the sale $$!  The sale room is $23.00 and the rest of the income is yours!  We've had some gals earn as much as $1800! 
Now that's some great cash.

You still have a few days to sort and let me know! 

Also.... if you decide to come... email and let me know.  I'll send you a registration form (3 days = $75 or 5 days = $100).  If you need lodging on the post, I can help you with that also.  $30 @ night.

For those of you already signed up.... see you soon!


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