Monday, February 13, 2017

March Mystery Blog Hop!!

Mark your calendars!!!!

We are so happy to be asked again to join this great group of designers in our Summer Mystery Blog Hop!  Wait until you see what designs we all have for you!  If you love wool primitive designs, you'll want to join in on this FREE Blog Hop.  March 10, 2017 it all kicks off with Farmhouse Threads.... then for 12 weeks you can enjoy fun designs!    The best part is.... you can also order kits... just like the ones we post - leave all of the color and wool/fabric choices to us!  Each blog will give you the opportunity to purchase their kit. 

While you are on each designers blog/website - be sure to see what other patterns they have!  We love designing and we love sharing with all of you!

Happy Stitching!!

MARCH 10 - Rhonda McCray, Farmhouse Threads 
MARCH 17 - Shawn York, Rusty Crow Quilt Shop 
MARCH 24 - Lisa Bongean, Primitive Gatherings 
MARCH 31 - Jeni Gaston, Woolen Willow Designs
APRIL 7TH - Debbie Busby, Wooden Spool Designs 
APRIL 14 - Joyce Weeks, Geoffs Mom Pattern Co. 
APRIL 21 - Kathi Campbell, Heart to Hand
APRIL 28 - Linda and Donna, My Red Door Designs 
MAY 5 - Joan Grenke, Bits and Pieces by Joan 
MAY 12 - Gloria, Vicky and Heather, Old Green Cupboard Designs 
MAY 19 -  Laural Arestad, Simply Put Plus
MAY 26 - Kathy and Taylor, The Cottage at Cardiff Farms
JUNE 2 - FINISHING Farmhouse Threads  

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Three Great Retreats - 2017!!!

2017 is going to be a fantastic year for YOU!

Here are just THREE of our retreats scheduled for 2017!

Call for more information
904-610-0597 or 904-742-1100 
or email

  Click here for:    Registration Forms

March 2017

October 2017

November 2017

We are working on more....
Amish Country, Calloway Gardens.... etc.!


Camp Blanding - April 20 - 25, 2017

Good Morning to All !!!!

We wanted to remind each of you to sign up for our April 20 - 25, 2017 Camp Blanding Retreat!  Here is some exciting news for all of us!  Did you see that date???? 

The post is allowing all of us to unload our machines, etc. on Thursday evening - April 20!  Yes.... you read correctly!  Over 80% of attendees are on post Thursday evening.... all ready for Friday morning.  Now... there are some restrictions we must follow and they are:

Unload between the hours of 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm!  The best place to do this... is at the back of the building at the double doors.  They will be open and it's so much easier to move in and out and not up and down the hallways on the side entrances.  As soon as you are unloaded at the back doors, please move your vehicle so others can unload quickly.

When unloading... no tables can be moved at this time... we are only allowed to bring in our items and set them on tables.  Those of you that are bringing in merchandise for the sale room an unload and put your items on the tables.  NO SHOPPING!!!  I know we all can't wait to see what's in the sale room - but these two hours are for unloading only... no one an shop until Friday!  Please follow these guidelines to make items available to everyone in the room!

We are NOT allowed to stay and sew... only drop off!!!!   We must adhere to these guidelines or they will revoke our bringing in our machines early.  This decision has been made to eliminate noise and disturbance in the morning while we are all waiting to enter the sewing room..... (who?  us?  noisy?  excited?  laughing?  happy?  nnnnnnoooo not us...hahahahahahahaha!)

We must also ask each of you to keep your tables tight together - so your "footprint" is a reasonable size giving plenty of room for your fellow sewers.  Remember - we still have arrivals on Saturday morning - they need tables and room also!!!

ALSO - those of you checking in on Thursday can pick up your lodging keys at the Housing Office (white building near the lodging brown single units...near the Armory.  Once the office is closed (around 4:00 pm)  your keys are brought to me - at the Armory for you to pick up.  PLEASE.... IF YOU HAVE MADE ARRANGEMENTS TO CHECK IN ON THURSDAY and have changed your mind and will not arrive until Friday, call me.  I have to wait until I hear from you before I leave the Armory just in case you need your keys.  If you are running late, that's perfectly acceptable, just let me know so I can head out to my lodging... then when you arrive, we'll make arrangements to get your keys to you.  This last retreat I was waiting to hear from several of you and when it got to be around 11:00 pm I knew you weren't going to arrive...but still was concerned I hadn't heard from you.  I'm just a worry-wart!!!

Register    This link will take you to our website - look on the right side and click on Camp Blanding Retreat & Registration form.  Complete and send your check with your form to the address indicated.  REMEMBER - to sign up for the SALE ROOM!

Also... please reconsider the 5 day option.  Here's the deal... those extra two days are so wonderful in getting even more of your UFO's completed.  In order to pay for the extra 2 day rental on the Armory, I need a minimum of 65 of you to stay.  That's not happening... only about 20 stay!!!  NOT GOOD!  If we can't get those numbers up, we may have to shift back to 3 days!  So... to make it even more attractive for you to stay with us longer... we're going to have some FUN things going on....

Bingo !!!!!!!!!!!!! (free to you)
Quick & FUN patterns for you to have (only for those staying 2 extra days)
Games... you'll win fun prizes

And... who knows what else we may drum up.  So... come on...stay with us.... it's such fun and we can all stretch out more and have a blast! 

So... get those registration forms in... we take less people at the retreats since we have the sale room out on the floor... and since we offer 4 retreats per year now.  Then... remember to clean out those sewing rooms, craft supplies, antiques, purses, baskets, books, movies.... and sign up for the sale room!  EARN more money for FABRIC!  Plus... if you make craft items and would like to sell them in the sale room... you are more than welcome to bring them also!  WE LOVE TO SEE YOUR TALENTS! 

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Camp Blanding.... sign up today!!!!

Hey Gang....

 Don't forget ... we have our super fun retreat at Camp Blanding Army Training Post, Starke FL
 January 27 - 29 (3 days - $75) or you can stay for 5 days ($100) - January 27 - 31!

If you have not attended before, give it a's so much fun.  Our lodging accommodations are so reasonable - only $30 per bed per night!  You sure can't beat that!!! 

We have single units (double bed)  that have a Jack-n-Jill bathroom

or a cottage - 2 bedrooms - one with 2 twins and one with a double bed.  Then you have a living room area kitchen/eating area and screened in porch.

Check into the Armory (sewing center) at 8:00 am January 27, 2017 and we'll sew until MIDNIGHT!
Plus... we have a SALE ROOM!  If you would like to's how it works! 

Dig through those closets, sewing cabinets, storage units, under the bed...anywhere you hide your fabric, sewing notions, kits, etc. ... then find the ones that you simply know you will never finish, no longer want... or are just plain tired of.  We'll assign you a number for the sale room, you'll tag everything - assign a price and then sell it!!!  We are your cashiers... so while everyone is shopping, we are taking care of your merchandise for you and collecting the $$ for you.  It costs you $23 to help pay for the rent of the facility....then when the saleroom is closed for the 2 days - we'll tally up your sales and pay you!  Now... don't think this is a teeny tiny sale room... our gals have sold up to $16,000.00 in just TWO DAYS!  See... you can do the same thing... one gals trash is another one's treasures.  If you are interested in the sale room, email and let me know.  I'll then give you a number and forward the instructions on how to mark your items.  It is so much fun to shop through everything!

So.... if you are interested in attending.... print the attached registration form link above and join us!

   Vicky, Gloria & Heather

                     Vicky               Gloria                                                   Heather

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Making Memories....

Good Morning...

I've decided it's simply been much too long since I've blogged and it's time I get my fanny in gear and get with the program.  I love to blog... it's just simply making myself to sit down and 'geterdone'!!  know what I mean?

Today... I'm going to chat about "making memories" !  With whom ever you choose.... I love to look at Pinterest.  It simply amazes me ... and I'm so astonished  reading and learning from all of the talented people out there is in this world.  Aren't you?  I've said to myself (while in Pinterest) ... now why in the heck did I not think of that?  Duh!

So... here are my "Memory" ideas for today:

How many times have you been out and about and you pick up unusual stones?  I remember when the kids were little... this was common practice... to collect stones from trips that we've taken.

Then... when we get home... nothing is done with them!  I'll be the first to admit... I'm sure they all eventually got tossed outside in the driveway or yard!   Well, here is a memory......  with your child (or you can make individually.... as a surprise)  how about making a picture.  this could not have taken long at all to put together and how sweet it is!

You could even give a name to each small bird and print it by each stone...then frame the entire project and hang in the living room!  How proud would your little one be sharing this great MEMORY with their family members and friends!

Hey... don't forget to sign and date your project!  Either directly on the front of the piece or on the back.  Much like making a label for the back of a painting or your quilts!  Tell the story of how the artwork was made and who was involved!

When I saw this picture.... I immediately thought of sweet cups and saucers many of you have which belonged to your parents or grandparents... maybe even greats?

How sweet a memory this is.... stack a few of them together and place an adorable silk flowering plant in the top cup.  Then place a beautiful cloche over the top!!  Place near a table lamp and the light will reflect off the will be so sweet!

And here is another memory that popped right into my head.... Since I'm a quilter.... many people think we can fix old damaged quilts.  Well, that's just simply not true.  Once the threads are bare and disintegrated, there is not much we can do.  So... what a great idea to use the quilt and make each member of the family a heart ornament to keep in their home?  You can fill with lavender or other scents... hang from a dresser drawer, tuck into your 'jammie' drawer... or fill with Christmas scents and use during the holidays on your tree, as package trimming...... tons of different ways!  Instead of using bells and pom poms... how about old buttons or jewelry?

So... now it's your turn.... dig in those drawers and find those rocks  you've tucked away from your many trips... make memories and design artwork for your home or as a gift.

Open the china cabinet... or explore in the garage or basement in those boxes left to you by your family and find something that can be polished, cleaned and tucked under a beautiful cloche.  If you do not have one, visit thrift stores....I've seen tons of them.  If it's not a cloche, use a globe or cylinder.... then find a glass crystal style plate at the thrift store too....

Don't forget our hearts... this could be a yearly ornament making tradition.... memory!

My husbands "girl" cousins... they have a "Cousin Weekend" each year.  They all take turns sponsoring and finding the perfect location and fun attractions to attend.  They laugh, cook, visit and enjoy each others company.  Mom and Dad are gone now.... but I know they are so delighted the family is still visiting together....  it's memories...

My daughter and granddaughter... they are making lots of memories... each year they decorate a gingerbread house.... so sweet....

You see... it's not all about the gifts... or how much something costs... it's about the entire process of making the memory and continuing on and on and on... making even more!

May this blog be a memory for you ....



Monday, November 28, 2016

Cyber Monday Special!
* all shipping fees will be reimbursed after order processes.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

We're bacckkkkk.... well... kind of!

Hi Everyone !!!

We just got back into Florida from "really cold Wisconsin".  Man...what a great trip!  We had almost 40 gals from all over the US to join Lisa Bonjean - Primitive Gatherings and Paula Barnes & Mary Ellen Robinson - Red Crinoline Quilts along with us for a little bit of "Cotton & Wool" - sewin' and stitchin' ..... shoppin' and eatin'.... and oh yes... there was the LAUGHTER!

I met so many wonderful new quilting friends!  What Great Fun!!  We've already begun working on a repeat retreat for next year... I just believe it might be an annual event!

Now... Vicky and I are getting ready to leave for California.  We are attending a retreat in Temecula, California with our friends from Utah and Arizona... we plan on getting some sewing done!  Then it's back home to celebrate Christmas... where has the time flown this year?

We wanted to take this opportunity to wish all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving and pray that each of you get to spend time with your family.

Vicky, Heather and I are working on exciting new adventures for all of you next year... along with offering you fun new ideas from our website!  Keep watching after the new year!

Oh... yes... I almost forgot... we have also contacted  new locations for retreats!  Shipshewana Amish Country and Callaway Gardens.... and then... how about boarding the NEW Royal Caribbean "Harmony of the Seas" -  brand new to their fleet of ships!!  More news as the details are worked out!

Olde Green Cupboard Designs - new Destinations for FUN!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Gloria, Heather & Vicky